Wakt ka kya hai….


वक्त का क्या है
यूँ ही रेत बन
उंगलियों से फिसल जाता है
लाख कर लो मिन्नतें
पलट के नहीं देखता
यूँ ही धोका दे जाता है
ख्वाइशों का क्या है
यूँ ही पंख लगा
हर सू उड़ जाती है
लाख लगो लो लगाम
हाथ नहीं आती
यूँ ही दिल सुलगा जाती हैं
नज़र का क्या है
यूँ ही आवारा बन
दुनिया देख आती है
रस्मों की दे लो लाख दुहाई
अनसुना कर देती है
यूँ ही ललसा जाती है
आग ही है
जो वक्त से लड़ जाती है
शोले कुछ कर गुज़रें
ऐसी हवा चलाती है
ये कर जाए घर तो
यूँ ही दिल तड़पा जाती है
और मोहब्बत ही है
जो वक्त बाँध लेती है
ख्वाइश को राह दिखा देती है
नज़रों को ठिकाना देती है
मुझे और तुझे
बस यूँ ही संभल लेती है

I Haven’t Told You But I Have Noticed….

I haven’t told you,
But I noticed….
To find my mojo, anew
How you persisted…
You stood by my side…
Insisting I decide…
You pushed me through the door,
Fly solo you said, go explore…
I notice your efforts umpteen…
To make me know my greens!
For the dreams that I care,
I’ve seen you say a silent prayer….
When my eyes threaten,
To spill that tiny little tear…
I have noticed how you despair…
At times I whine and brood,
You cook and clean…just to lift my mood…
Yes, I have noticed…but haven’t told you
I can see the weak protests that you do….
But then you go and splurge…
My little whims you do indulge…
For my triumphs and each new stride,
I’ve seen you swell up with pride….
I haven’t told; but I noticed your eyes twinkle,
Your face light up in smile…
I haven’t told you but I gloat and soar…
And I notice your passion and ardour…
O honey! You definitely are
My knight in shining armour…!!

बार बार वही घाव……

बार बार वही घाव,

कभी शब्दों से किया आघात,

लबों को सी कर किये कभी वार…..

Until death do us part….

Anniversary celebrations15 years ago, in October 1999, that is what we promised each other on the altar…..to be together till death do us part. Since then we have loved, fought, argued, laughed, teased, cried, worried about each other, sometimes neglected each other, missed each other, have been suffocatingly close to each other, have blamed and forgiven each other and what not…

I wrote few lines on our tenth wedding anniversary which still holds true…and by God’s grace we will be together until death do us part….

Tiffs and fights,
Love and love bites
The hurt prides and egos,
Realisations and sorrows
then forgiveness and new vows
Winters and the fires
The hopes and desires
Yearnings and expectations
The passionate culminations
How time flies
A decade goes by
Sharing and discovering
annoying and cajoling
loving and caring
Together we await
Yet another decade
and another and another
living and loving
for ever and ever

This is for A to Z Challenge.

A World Remade…

In a world remade….

No mosques, no churches, no temples…

Would define religion…

‘Neath the heaven…

Just the heads would bow…

In a complete surrender!

In a world remade….

No discord, no fences, no borders…

Would provoke a war…

‘Neath the stars…

Just the eyes would rest…

In a peaceful slumber!

In a world remade…

No attire would curb her freedom…

No act would defile her being…

No dogmas would chastise her dream…

No hypocrites would preach her morals…

There would be just….

Some compassion to hold her hands..

Some encouragement to let her fly…

Some love to let her grow…

Some faith to restore her pride….

And some belief…

To let her rejoice her existence!

In a world remade….

None would beg and none would steal…

None would rape and none would kill…

‘Neath the warm sun…

Just the hands would join…

Brotherhood and contentment would prevail!

In a world remade….

No epidemic, no famine, no flood….

Would wipe humanity from the world….

‘Neath the blue skies…

In bliss would all thrive!

Oh!! In my world remade…

Love will bloom, Virtue will merit

None poor, none rich

Just the equal souls…

To celebrate the freedom…

Of Body, Mind and Spirit!!

Years ago Sri Rabindranath Tagore wrote the beautiful lines…..

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…

Where knowledge is free….

Where the world has not been broken into fragments…”

It still holds true… such a world  is still desired…It still is a dream. If I were to create a world, yes, I would want the human race to have a knowledge which abhors wars, discrimination, barbarism,  abuse, inhumanity, jealousy, bigotry…..I would make a world where there would not be bribery, injustice, favoritism….all would live with dignity, with their heads held high, with pride, without any fear….There would be truth, honesty, logic, reasoning, bravery, respect, reverence, camaraderie….

There would be a story for each and everyone and like a fairytale, all stories will end in ‘Happily Ever After’…….Yes!! That would be world remade by me.


india-today-conclave-2015-blogadda“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.




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कृति (Kruti: creation)

मेरी कल्पना की,
वो नन्ही चिड़िया ……
डाली डाली फुदक कर…. 
वापस घर को आ जाती 
ऊंची शाख पर जाने को,
कितना आतुर हो जाती
“मैं दाना चुग लाऊँ” कह
कितना उत्साहित हो जाती 
मेरी कल्पना की ,
वो नन्ही परी…… 
आँखों में अनगिनत सपने लिये 
दूर दूर कहीं सैर कर आती
सात दिशाओं में उड़ आने के,
कितनी योजना बना लाती 
“मैं जादू  की छड़ी फिराऊं” कह 
संसार बदलने की जुगत लगाती 
मेरी कल्पना में कभी ,
वो कली, कभी तितली बन जाती,
कभी शान्त रहती ,कभी मुझसे ही लड़ जाती,
कभी समझती तो ,कभी जिद पर अड़ जाती,
कभी बाँहों में भरलेती ,कभी गोद मैं चढ जाती,
नए अनुभवों की ड्योढ़ी पर खडी,
वो  मेरी चौकस नजर देख खुद निडर हो जाती 
वह मेरी जीती-जागती कल्पना 
वह मेरी सबसे प्रिय रचना…. 
मेरी प्रिय कृति 

Kruti (also pronounced Kriti) is a Sanskrit word which means creation. It is what I named my daughter. This poem is for my daughter. She is my little bird, eager ever to explore, help around the house, my little fairy who wants to wipe out all pain and misery of the world with one swish of magic wand. She is a dreamer who plans to travel far off lands, wants to take us to places which we haven’t seen. She also fights with me, gets annoyed but senses my moods to and comforts me. When in doubt, she looks up to me and if she sees me keeping an eye out for her then she is confident that nothing bad can happen to her….that is her faith in me. She is the best of my creation….. my Kruti.

Dear Mother…..

Dear Mother, there you are on a pedestal so high…..
I could never be you, hard as I might try!!
Yes I rebelled, have never been docile……
‘Coz  you see, i veil  a heart so so fragile….
So what say….should we start….have a little heart to heart?

I have never remembered the specific date for mother’s or father’s day……as I do really think about my parents everyday. Ours is a volatile exchange almost always…..but that hasn’t created any bad feelings between us. I still worry and they still treat me as a two year old even though I am on threshold of forty! Once as a teenager I wrote a poem about my father….and my father had asked  me then to write one for my mom too, but that time I couldn’t come up with one. I do put all virtues, the grit, determination and energy to work nonstop of my mother on a pedestal and I really mean it that I do not have that in me and I am not even half as competent as she is.  This poem does not extol my mother but since the challenge was to use only five sentences about mother…..I could come up with this.



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Dear Sun…..

Dear Sun,
Oh! See….
See the tender buds,
all shriveled and burnt….
like the little girls… in womb, aborted !!
See…. the young blossoms,
wilted they fall,
no one wants them….
like the innocent daughters….raped!!
marked for life….!!
See…..the cracked parched earth,
turning into barren sand…..
like the bride, for dowry abandoned!!
Yes, the erring human has turned into a demon…
raping, killing,burning….
on a rampage, without any reason..
But You…. you are the God !
you breathe life into a dying soul…
dissipator of gloom, the God of energy!
Then why…. why this scorching rage?
Why the fiery gaze?
Why have you forsaken …
Your own creation?
O!! Lord Sun to thee I implore…..
diminish your fire….
let the earth respire…
Vanquish the demons…
On innocent, spare  your ire…
‘Coz we can bear no more, oh no more!!
Mercy O lord, Mercy,mercy…..

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.



अल्हड़ हँसी को औपचारिकता के,
दायरे में सिमटते देखा है…. 
दुःखों के पहाड़ को मुस्कान की ,
ओट में छिपाते   देखा है…
सच्चाई को सिसकते हुए, झूठ के 
बोझ तले तड़पते हुए देखा है….. 
ईर्ष्या को छलते हुऐ, प्रेम से ,
आघात करते देखा है… 
अपना कहते हैं जो, उन्हें,  
अपनों की निंदा करते देखा है… 
मित्र है या शत्रु,
भेद करना कठिन है… 
चेहरे पर मुखौटे  लगाए ,
शत्रु को मित्रता का हाथ बढ़ाते देखा है…. 
मित्र को भी कभी-कभी शत्रु से हाथ मिलाते  देखा है.… 
दुःख तो इसका है…. 
कि  मेरी गरीब सहजता को…. 
सभी को मुखौटा समझते देखा है….
और विडम्बना है कि ,
अब अपना प्रतिबिम्ब धुंधला होता दिखता  है…. 
कि खुद को भी मुखौटे लगाते देखा है….!!

“Mukhaute” is masks and the poem says that carefree laughter is hidden behind the masks of diplomacy, pain behind smiles and truth beneath the lies. Jealousy in garb of love stabs in back, people who tell you that you are the nearest to them  often are the ones who talk behind your back. It is difficult to distinguish between a friend and foe because the enemy sometimes hides behind the mask of friendship. Poem continues to say that now I cannot recognize my reflection because the society forces me to wear masks sometimes too!!


Poem : Tum Kab Aaoge(when will you come?)

अधर्म  हो चला है अब सहन से परे,
दुर्योधन, दुशासन हैं अब हर ओर खड़े,
कहीं कोई चीर करे हरण,
कहीं चरित्र करे कोई हनन,
अग्नि परीक्षा देकर भी,
नारी के ही भर आयें नयन
कर हर आयु की मर्यादा का उल्लंघन,
आज का रावण लगा रहा हर जीवन पर ग्रहण,
अरे कृष्ण , तुमने कहा था ….
करने रक्षा और स्थापित करने धर्म ,
हर युग में आओगे लेकर जन्म,
किन्तु है, तुम्हे अभी भी प्रतीक्षा,
कि मानव का हो और पतन…
हे कृष्णा, चेतो, नारी का हो रहा है भक्षण,
जगत जननी को और कितना रुलाओगे?
इस युग के असुरों का संहार करने,
ओ देवा, कृष्णा तुम कब आओगे?

These days the news papers are full of news about rapes and sexual harassment of all age groups of women. It seems no woman or child is safe in any city of our country.

The poem says that like “Prince Duryodhan” and “Prince Dushasan”, the villains of “Mahabharat” who harassed the queen Draupadi, wife of Pandav princes, while all courtiers stood as helpless witness, the men these days, have been ill treating women everywhere. According to  the scripture “Bhagvad Geeta ” in the epic “Mahabharat” of Hindu Mythology, whenever sins would increase on earth Lord Krishna will be back on earth to slay the demons and bring peace and happiness to the mankind. This poem  asks Lord Krishna when would he fulfill his promise.