NaPoWriMo (#30): Trying to fit in…

I have been with them,
the people in the neighborhood,
simple and kind..
Always busy in daily grind.
They try not to sin..
And I tried to fit in..
I have been with them,
the outlaws,
looting and killing…
To others misery they bring.
Their every deed a sin..
And I tried to fit in..
I have been with them,
the nuns and the priests,
blessing and praying..
Always preaching the commandments divine.
They just abhor sin..
And I did try to fit in..
But I am as lonely as can be..
hoping to meet a soul like me.
Amidst this chaos and din…
Yes, I am trying to fit in.

NaPoWriMo (#29): All season friend..

You, I love, on you I depend..
comforting and supporting, arguing and annoying..
you… an all season friend.

A haiku for today.


NaPoWriMo (#29): Umad ghumad..

Today, the challenge is to write a poem  using words from some foreign language. I am presenting a poem in Hindi which is a foreign language to thousands of WordPress users. I am re-blogging it from my blog. Here goes “Umad Ghumad..”

Umad ghumad kar baadal chhaye,
sang unke vichar bhi ufnaye..
aadhe adhoore, kacche pakke,
kuch kachotte to kuch muskate,
kuch aansoon laate, to kuch gudgudaate.
kalam meri ruk ruk jaye,
kya likhoon aisa..
jo sabhi ko bha jaye..
sacche bhav…
par jo na mujhe rulaaye
na kisi aur ka man dukhaye.
sabhi mere apne hain..
jinse dukh sukh ke,
kshan sabhi jude hain..
unke haathon me kuch nahi..
saare pal, eeshwar ne gadhe hain.
e baadal..
apni boondon mein baha
aansoon saare le ja..
kar de mera man bhi hara..
kar de mera man bhi hara..

It means that along with the rumbling clouds my heart is also full of many thoughts. Some thoughts are happy while some are painful. My pen wants to write but only those words which would neither hurt me nor others because they all  are family. I want the clouds to wash away all my pain in the rain and heal the wounds of my heart.


NaPoWriMo (#28): Color Me White…

Green monster of envy
arouses the dormant devil..
Yellowed with its greed…
To a little angel’s voice..
it does not cede..
Burning with red rage,
venom it spews..
Surround me so, sins a many
pulling me down,sinking me…
Lost is the innocence, the virtue..
Black as night,evil now resides in me.
The dying heart implores…
“Color me a new,
I can not breathe, take me to light
color me now of honesty, of sacrifice,
take me to light…
O! color me white..
Color me white” !!

Prompt for today is to write a poem based on the color. Does this do justice to the prompt?


NaPoWriMo (#27): Cancer

bit by bit..
from within..
the mad dance of death.
Sapping away all vigor of life.
peace of mind.
Crabby claws carving cave within..
crawling all over…breeding within.
Devouring the life from within..

The news of a friend being diagnosed with some cancerous growth gave birth to this poem. I pray for her well-being and hope to hear about her fast recovery.



NaPoWriMo (#26):The Sun and Sea(part2)

The murky sea,
gobbles up hungrily,
the golden radiant sun..
enveloping in blue-black inkiness,
reining, restraining its brightness,
striving to conquer the aura…
all but in vain.
Comes dawn, emerges again the sun..
As bold, unscathed, as brightly shone..
Bestowing life, its brilliance anew..
Purging away the dark ocean,
Bathing it sparkling blue..

The poem #25 The Sun and Sea (part1) was all about an anger and rage being toned down to a soothing disposition  by calmness. This poem is of the view that the darkness , however it may try to eclipse the goodness will never succeed. The good will emerge unhurt, unblemished even from darkest sin.


NaPoWriMo ( #25): The Sun and Sea (part 1)

Calm and serene ocean,
embraces the fiery ball.
dulling the scorching blaze,
lulling it with gentle waves,
quelling its flaming rage…
In mother’s arm, as snuggles a son,
In the ocean’s lap, rests the spirited sun.
With its energy spent and anger all gone,
The sea catapults it yet again,
in the black skies, among the stars…
To shimmer in its cool blue spark.
The seas stretch on,
Now to bathe in the silvery glitter,
until the dawn.


NaPoWriMo ( # 24): You and Me…

I stand here,
Anchored and confused….
Going nowhere…
Above me, stars change their path
But I stand here, transfixed..
Going nowhere…
I clench my fist,
even as sands slip…
taking time away.
And I stand here…
Anchored and confused.
I wish to forget, to move ahead…
but my feet sink,
Pride has me chained…
Rooting me deeper…darker…
Is that it…
The end?
Or will there be a new dawn,
a new beginning,
When we will walk together …you and me
without the chains of doubt and ego,
to bog us down?
Just you and me…
You and Me!

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NaPoWriMo (# 23): What is in the tiffin..?

“Hey Mum, what did you pack for school tiffin?”
Just wait, dear, it’s a surprise!
“Is it a pie, a tart or is it a muffin?”
“Mum, what did you pack for school tiffin?”
” Mommy, I can’t guess… just give in!!”
“Oh,please let it not be veggies, but french fries…”
“Hey Mum what did you pack for school tiffin?”
Just wait, dear, it’s a surprise!    

An attempt at a fun lighthearted poem based on today’s prompt, because that is the way me and my daughter’s conversation goes on every morning.

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NaPoWriMo (# 22): A little hope, a little miracle..

The parched poor earth,
Looks heavenwards..
In want of the elixir of life,
A reason to thrive..
Grape vine and little tendril,
Throw caution to all peril..
Clings and up it rides,
Knowing, be not cast aside
The raging winds hoot,
threatening to uproot.
The little shoot bends to save,
to prosper , it craves..
A little prayer..
 The fire-spitting sun seethes
But out a little blade peeps
Tentatively smiles
Fights and survives..
A little miracle!
And all that is needed,
To tackle every battle
Is a little hope,
A little faith,
A little prayer
And little miracle!