NaPoWriMo ( #25): The Sun and Sea (part 1)

Calm and serene ocean,
embraces the fiery ball.
dulling the scorching blaze,
lulling it with gentle waves,
quelling its flaming rage…
In mother’s arm, as snuggles a son,
In the ocean’s lap, rests the spirited sun.
With its energy spent and anger all gone,
The sea catapults it yet again,
in the black skies, among the stars…
To shimmer in its cool blue spark.
The seas stretch on,
Now to bathe in the silvery glitter,
until the dawn.


NaPoWriMo (# 18): Love..

Black night drips silver,
on the musky sheets.
Jasmine scents waft in,
and the lovers, it greets.
Moon tries to peep,
but shyly, it retreats.
Heavens conspire to let love grow
so tender and sweet.