NaPoWriMo (#29): Umad ghumad..

Today, the challenge is to write a poem  using words from some foreign language. I am presenting a poem in Hindi which is a foreign language to thousands of WordPress users. I am re-blogging it from my blog. Here goes “Umad Ghumad..”

Umad ghumad kar baadal chhaye,
sang unke vichar bhi ufnaye..
aadhe adhoore, kacche pakke,
kuch kachotte to kuch muskate,
kuch aansoon laate, to kuch gudgudaate.
kalam meri ruk ruk jaye,
kya likhoon aisa..
jo sabhi ko bha jaye..
sacche bhav…
par jo na mujhe rulaaye
na kisi aur ka man dukhaye.
sabhi mere apne hain..
jinse dukh sukh ke,
kshan sabhi jude hain..
unke haathon me kuch nahi..
saare pal, eeshwar ne gadhe hain.
e baadal..
apni boondon mein baha
aansoon saare le ja..
kar de mera man bhi hara..
kar de mera man bhi hara..

It means that along with the rumbling clouds my heart is also full of many thoughts. Some thoughts are happy while some are painful. My pen wants to write but only those words which would neither hurt me nor others because they all  are family. I want the clouds to wash away all my pain in the rain and heal the wounds of my heart.