NaPoWriMo (# 22): A little hope, a little miracle..

The parched poor earth,
Looks heavenwards..
In want of the elixir of life,
A reason to thrive..
Grape vine and little tendril,
Throw caution to all peril..
Clings and up it rides,
Knowing, be not cast aside
The raging winds hoot,
threatening to uproot.
The little shoot bends to save,
to prosper , it craves..
A little prayer..
 The fire-spitting sun seethes
But out a little blade peeps
Tentatively smiles
Fights and survives..
A little miracle!
And all that is needed,
To tackle every battle
Is a little hope,
A little faith,
A little prayer
And little miracle!

6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo (# 22): A little hope, a little miracle..

  1. Shoma, you’re not only being read; you’re really connecting! There’s a lightness about your poetry, in the spiritual sense, that I really like. Hope you’re enjoying your course.


    • Thanks a lot Eileen.You have made me one happy girl with such praise. I am glad I have connected with some people around the world.I read your “about” and it has so much to say. Though my course is now over( and I passed with flying colors) but I somehow not able to write stories. Your story is nice, would like to read what happens next. Thanks again. Wish you luck in completing all your unfinished stories.


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