NaPoWriMo (# 20): True love

It promises of a world so miraculous…
But its sweet pain, oh, so torturous.
Just as a cowbird, so so fickle..
Every heart, it loves to tickle.
Love, oh this Love, it does wander..
Fidelity, it does squander.
But the true love does not abscond..
To a special someone, it does respond
The true love is so exclusive
Ah, but true love so so elusive!!

It was difficult for me…this use of five words and so I am late. But I hope I did justice to the prompt for day 20. The words that I used are miraculous, cowbird, squander, abscond and elusive.


NaPoWriMo (# 19): Why have you gone away..

The sky weeps,
In, the melancholy, seeps.
Lonely night and a dull day,
View from the window is all grey.
Why have you gone away?
 The bare bough cries,
As last of its green dies.
In sorrow, the yellowed leaves lay,
Oh, why have you gone away?
 My heart bleeds,
On, sadness it feeds.
I can not help feeling blue…
Oh come back now…
and take me away with you.




NaPoWriMo (# 18): Love..

Black night drips silver,
on the musky sheets.
Jasmine scents waft in,
and the lovers, it greets.
Moon tries to peep,
but shyly, it retreats.
Heavens conspire to let love grow
so tender and sweet.

NaPoWriMo (# 17):Welcome Home..

A pile of dried grass and a sprig of hedge,
on my first floor window ledge.
As April heat coaxes a rest,
You choose my house for your nest.
And my silent loneliness so bitter…
Is shattered by your happy chatter.
So come, O little squirrel..
Stay with me, be my pal.
Now no need to roam..
You are here, Welcome Home! 

Today’s optional prompt was to write a poem of greeting. I hope this one is right.

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NaPoWriMo (# 16): The nest

Each twig , each twine
knocked down by the swinging pine..
Labor of love lost, destroyed.
Needed was no more the nest..
Away flew the fledglings,
On a brand new quest.
Only a moment to rue…
And away the brave bird flew..
To gather a new twig , a new twine..
 A new nest for her new bloodline.

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NaPoWriMo (# 15): Treasures of Childhood…

A twisted arm, a broken leg,
A frock now, more of a rag.
A hollow eye and frazzled hair,
The doll with a single shoe, not the pair.
Four little  teacups and four saucers,
Of different shapes and different colors.
Red, blue, green and a rare peach,
Four tea-sets and one from each.
Balls, hoops and box of marbles,
Uno cards and jigsaw puzzles.
Clips, bands and accessories to preen,
Shiny tiara for the little queen.
 In the attic, the little boxes,  
full of such treasures.
Of a childhood well spent!!


NaPoWriMo (# 13): A walk down the beach

The foot print on the white sand,
washed away, 
my heel sinks.
The castle I built on the white sand,
washed away,
its sand again.
The little white crabs, 
clambering to meet the wave,
washed away,
An empty patterned shell,
I wanted for my sill,
washed away.
Like seething soldiers 
the frothy waves tug and pull
and just wipe away..
The inky blue now scares me…
Its time for me to walk away!!

Today nothing really inspired me to write a poem and so I took refuge in the prompt of the day. The prompt at  NaPoWriMo 2013  is to write something  based on observations during a walk. It is 11:00 p.m of April 13 th in India now and I am going to be very busy the next morning. I could come up with this poem  at this hour ….hope it is fitting for the challenge today.



NaPoWriMo (# 12): Memories

like paper boats
gently bobbing..
fresh, making many a ripple.
some drifting..
fading slowly, lost..
some still…
un-moving and anchored..
some fossilized..
leaving bitterness behind.
I wish I could choose…
What to keep and what to lose..
I wish I could bury..
the ones that are mucky,
and full of grime..
But those are the only ones that resurface..
Time after time!!