NaPoWriMo (# 15): Treasures of Childhood…

A twisted arm, a broken leg,
A frock now, more of a rag.
A hollow eye and frazzled hair,
The doll with a single shoe, not the pair.
Four little  teacups and four saucers,
Of different shapes and different colors.
Red, blue, green and a rare peach,
Four tea-sets and one from each.
Balls, hoops and box of marbles,
Uno cards and jigsaw puzzles.
Clips, bands and accessories to preen,
Shiny tiara for the little queen.
 In the attic, the little boxes,  
full of such treasures.
Of a childhood well spent!!


NaPoWriMo (# 12): Memories

like paper boats
gently bobbing..
fresh, making many a ripple.
some drifting..
fading slowly, lost..
some still…
un-moving and anchored..
some fossilized..
leaving bitterness behind.
I wish I could choose…
What to keep and what to lose..
I wish I could bury..
the ones that are mucky,
and full of grime..
But those are the only ones that resurface..
Time after time!!