NaPoWriMo (# 15): Treasures of Childhood…

A twisted arm, a broken leg,
A frock now, more of a rag.
A hollow eye and frazzled hair,
The doll with a single shoe, not the pair.
Four little  teacups and four saucers,
Of different shapes and different colors.
Red, blue, green and a rare peach,
Four tea-sets and one from each.
Balls, hoops and box of marbles,
Uno cards and jigsaw puzzles.
Clips, bands and accessories to preen,
Shiny tiara for the little queen.
 In the attic, the little boxes,  
full of such treasures.
Of a childhood well spent!!


NaPoWriMo(# 14): Life Sentence

the very being..
False pride…
Road blocks to contentment…
These self-created walls..
A life sentence!


NaPoWriMo (# 12): Memories

like paper boats
gently bobbing..
fresh, making many a ripple.
some drifting..
fading slowly, lost..
some still…
un-moving and anchored..
some fossilized..
leaving bitterness behind.
I wish I could choose…
What to keep and what to lose..
I wish I could bury..
the ones that are mucky,
and full of grime..
But those are the only ones that resurface..
Time after time!!




NaPoWriMo (# 6): She

The orthodox dungeons
did let her fly…
she scaled heights…
she rejoiced the freedom…
she failed to see..
the hidden strings!!
And as she tried to soar..
higher …
she choked….
She had forgotten..
Her world was
a man’s world !!
And she was a woman…
A bird with clipped wings!!

A lot of women have been in some or the other way suppressed by men in their life. Many Indian girls have been  stopped from receiving higher education, follow their dreams, speak out their mind. Instead they have been always reminded of small freedoms and told to be thankful for the same. They are still considered less than the male siblings even if they are more brainy. This poem shows the plight of such women.


NaPoWriMo (# 5): Turning Forty….

Today he turns forty!
Age to be naughty….???
He asks…
“Should I now ,
color my hair,
to look more dapper?
or let it be as it is,
Salt and Pepper?”
“Should I let,
my belly be,
Or do you prefer
a fitter me?”
I look at him,
and I look at me…
I still see ..
the younger us!!
A little grey here
A little plump there..
A little more grumpy,
A little more fussy..
But nothing’s really changed–
We still love each other
We still pester each other…
So I smile and say..
“You look just fine”
“That is why I love you”
Thus says he.
Lifting me up,
With a twinkle in his eyes,
he says…
“Lets Celebrate..
I am allowed to be naughty,
Why, I just turned forty!!”

My husband turned forty today and between all the baking and cooking for his birthday celebration , I managed to write this poem as today’s entry.



NaPoWriMo (# 4): A New Beginning…

The gentle breeze, 
softly caresses…
rippling the placidity..
blown away are the cobwebs
memories resurface…
a long-lost smile
soothes the  aching heart..
The tiny droplets,
rejuvenate, invigorate…
the parched soul..
a ray of hope…
heals the age-old wounds..
Life  starts afresh!!

NaPoWriMo 2013 (# 3): The show must go on!

Smiling away in mock gaiety,
springing vibrant colors,
enlivening the celluloid..
entertaining with variety..
Raised on a pedestal
With admirers feasting 
on every intimate detail…
Does privacy ever prevail?
A conduct even slightly wrong..
invites an  ire so strong…
Their fascination, in a moment
people forget…
targeting them , the next minute
with choicest epithet!!
Their stardom worshiped
with so great an ardor
But forgotten no sooner
than waning of glamour!
Hiding away the hurt pride and   pain 
behind the mask of the grease-paint
Smiling away in mock gaiety,
they carry on…
Because the show must go on..!!

I wrote this poem a month back and it was not in a presentable shape but I have tried to put it in readable form today for this NaPoWriMo challenge. Indians are in the habit of literally worshiping the film actors. The media splashes the minutest detail of their day to day life in print which the public greedily laps up. If the news is favorable people go gaga but smallest of odd behavior doesn’t stop people to spread slander. At times I pity these celebrities whose each action is under the scrutiny of the public eye. This is my version of their sweet-sad success!

NaPoWriMo (# 2): Reality Unmasked..

They sat there,
she and her children,
tattered and shattered,
shivering and crying,
waiting for a miracle..
waiting for a merciful eye….
And along they came,
The social workers.
sobering and pondering…
bragging and discussing..
of sympathies and compassion..
of vanity and charity!!
She hopefully stared,
They pitifully glared,
and hatefully sneered…
But none cared..
She sat bewildered
And away they went…
pondering and sobering..
discussing and bragging..
of compassion and sympathy..
of vanity and charity..
So they sat there,
she and her children,
tattered and shattered,
crying and shivering,
Waiting for some miracle..
Waiting for a merciful eye!!

With all due respect to the social workers and good Samaritans who really work day and night for betterment of poor and needy, but there are some people who are out there only  for publicity and fame. They do talk about helping destitute people but they shun the real work. Empathy, compassion, charity are mere words for them. With this poem I tried to unmask their reality.. 


NaPoWriMo (# 1): The Drought…..

Their parched skin,
The sunken eyes,
The famished heart …
and the shattered dreams,
They yearn light,
thrust upon is darkness!
They yearn for life…
Yes, they get one–
a miserable one!
Their desire..
burns up in pyre..
Their tears..
just silently dry..
Their flickering spirit..
sinks with the setting sun…
They see death..
they await death…
with the parched skin..
the sunken eyes..
the famished hearts 
and the shattered dreams….


The farmers in the state of Maharashtra (India) have been hit with drought many times and a lot many farmers committed suicide out of depression and lack of means to repay loans and debts. I know a city person like me can not fully understand their plight nor can be of much help to them, not because I do not want to but because I am fighting my own little wars of day-to-day living… however I do hope and pray, that they sail over their miseries. May God smile upon them with good fortune!!