NaPoWriMo (#29): All season friend..

You, I love, on you I depend..
comforting and supporting, arguing and annoying..
you… an all season friend.

A haiku for today.


NaPoWriMo ( # 24): You and Me…

I stand here,
Anchored and confused….
Going nowhere…
Above me, stars change their path
But I stand here, transfixed..
Going nowhere…
I clench my fist,
even as sands slip…
taking time away.
And I stand here…
Anchored and confused.
I wish to forget, to move ahead…
but my feet sink,
Pride has me chained…
Rooting me deeper…darker…
Is that it…
The end?
Or will there be a new dawn,
a new beginning,
When we will walk together …you and me
without the chains of doubt and ego,
to bog us down?
Just you and me…
You and Me!

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NaPoWriMo (# 20): True love

It promises of a world so miraculous…
But its sweet pain, oh, so torturous.
Just as a cowbird, so so fickle..
Every heart, it loves to tickle.
Love, oh this Love, it does wander..
Fidelity, it does squander.
But the true love does not abscond..
To a special someone, it does respond
The true love is so exclusive
Ah, but true love so so elusive!!

It was difficult for me…this use of five words and so I am late. But I hope I did justice to the prompt for day 20. The words that I used are miraculous, cowbird, squander, abscond and elusive.


NaPoWriMo (# 18): Love..

Black night drips silver,
on the musky sheets.
Jasmine scents waft in,
and the lovers, it greets.
Moon tries to peep,
but shyly, it retreats.
Heavens conspire to let love grow
so tender and sweet.

NaPoWriMo (# 11): Dear daughter…

Your palm once so little..
now sure likes to scribble.
Lullaby that made you calm..
has now lost its charm.
You wanted me, everywhere you tread.. 
Now look at you , you have raced ahead.
Oh, how much I miss those days..
When mommy’s lap was your safest place!
Oh, how much I want to turn time back..
When you slept snuggled on my neck!
Now you grow and a new world you explore..
Come back for a minute to rest…
Because now it is me who needs you, my baby, more and more..
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NaPoWriMo (# 7): Love is in the air..

The peacocks are prancing around strutting their blues and  greens, 
cavorting and wooing.
Bees flirt with blooms, savoring the intoxicating nectar,
buzzing, drinking and dancing.
Birds hurry around squabbling for a twig,
singing,chirping and nesting.
All the birds and bees,
 heralding the spring, inviting love.
She smiled coyly at this amorous display, wondering.
Why was her little heart palpitating??

The NaPoWriMo challenge for day 7 was to write a poem with all lines as a complete statement but the last one must be a question…. I hope I have correctly attempted this challenge.


NaPoWriMo (# 5): Turning Forty….

Today he turns forty!
Age to be naughty….???
He asks…
“Should I now ,
color my hair,
to look more dapper?
or let it be as it is,
Salt and Pepper?”
“Should I let,
my belly be,
Or do you prefer
a fitter me?”
I look at him,
and I look at me…
I still see ..
the younger us!!
A little grey here
A little plump there..
A little more grumpy,
A little more fussy..
But nothing’s really changed–
We still love each other
We still pester each other…
So I smile and say..
“You look just fine”
“That is why I love you”
Thus says he.
Lifting me up,
With a twinkle in his eyes,
he says…
“Lets Celebrate..
I am allowed to be naughty,
Why, I just turned forty!!”

My husband turned forty today and between all the baking and cooking for his birthday celebration , I managed to write this poem as today’s entry.



Chronicles of my Love Story: 3. We meet again…

Defense Academy trains all the basics to aspirants of all three branches. After graduating from defense academy the cadets go for two-year training of the specific branches, that is army, navy and air force. Post those two years the young men get commissioned as officers and posted to various parts of the country.

Architecture is a five-year course and students graduate with a degree of B. Arch. In 1993, I took admission in the college at Nagpur, Maharashtra.  It was an all girls college.

I was in the third year of my course when that young man was commissioned as a Pilot Officer, posted in Assam. The college hostel where I was putting up had the p.a system to announce visitors or incoming phone. Architecture college was hosting a national fest in 1996 February and I was a part of it. Late in evening when all students returned to the hostel, my name was announced for an incoming call from Asaam. I received the call.

In six years that had passed when that boy left for defense academy and I for college, we had not exchanged even a single word. I never expected him to remember me let alone call me up after such a long time. But it was him…..

He: Hello, Shoma , I am Shashank. Remember me?

I: Um, ummm….I, yes I do.

He: Ah, Thank God for that! Can you give me your postal address?

I: Um….how did you find this phone number?

He: I will write to you about it….is it okay? Are you willing to give me your postal address?

I: Umm… Okay.

Chronicles of our Love Story: 2. Infatuations..

Destiny played its cards and brought us in the same city, letting the time play its role…

Years rolled by and we entered our teens all the while getting into arguments and teasing each other, with falling in love not on agenda at all… But hormones had become active and without us knowing there were changes taking place!

Besides the occasional get-together meets, the annual ten days long ” Ganesh festival” was the maximum in a year that we regularly came across each other surrounded by all other families.

At teenage smallest attention by the boys causes the fluttering of butterflies in the stomach and other girlfriends start teasing too. I was just thirteen and receiving quite a lot of attention from this fifteen year old good-looking guy. I had started enjoying the attention and even looked forward to it. However the initial phase of infatuation lasted for exactly two years. One of the reason being the hyperactive radar of my mom which worked overtime and so she nipped the infatuation in the budding stage. The other reason was that the cute little boy in two years had grown into a seventeen year old handsome young man and had to leave the town to join the Defense Academy.

Another two years passed with him in the academy and I preparing for admission to an architecture college. We did not meet and had lost all contact….

It was Destiny’s turn again to start taking control of our lives again…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

To me comfort is a company of someone who just hears out my troubles and doesn’t start enumerating my follies or ways to what I could have done to save myself from troubles ……. What better than a Soft Toy!! And once I pour out my heart I find more comfort in letting the moment pass….. I think deep and hard. Awhile later I am full of beans….again !! They say a mother’s lap is most comforting but a tired brain and body can find comfort anywhere…