Weekly Photo Challenge:Celebration

Why do we celebrate…….When a child is born, we succeed, we win, we are happy, our wish is granted, we are thankful…..so many occasions to celebrate.  Yes, we celebrate!! We celebrate to show our respect to the Life and its ups and downs!

According to Hindu religion all celebrations must begin with the prayer to Lord Ganesha(the elephant head God). Many temples across the country have miracle stories associated to them and people have immense faith and belief in such stories.

The religious festivities and celebration of faith is a way of life in our country……there are festivals all the year round and so many gods to thank ( associated to various forces of nature: sun God, Indra the rain God, goddess of health and wealth Lakshmi, goddess of knowledge Saraswati and many more).

In this temple the custom is to ring as many bells as possible to thank the Lord and celebrate. Also people tie bells throughout the temple complex when pray for a new wish . This is truly the celebration of faith…

As with festivals , so it is with many dance forms in India. The Bharatnatyam was earlier performed in temples as a prayer offering to God. Almost all dances  are linked to mythological stories and celebrate the love and faith for almighty.

Indian movies however have introduced dance forms which have nothing to do with God but have become the most wanted in any sort of non-religious celebration! This little street dancer dances away to film music in celebration of her freedom to dance  when ever she wishes to…..

Reasons may be many and even if the day seems bleak we must celebrate life and thank lord for letting us feel hundreds of emotions …… at least feeling something is better than being lifeless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

To me comfort is a company of someone who just hears out my troubles and doesn’t start enumerating my follies or ways to what I could have done to save myself from troubles ……. What better than a Soft Toy!! And once I pour out my heart I find more comfort in letting the moment pass….. I think deep and hard. Awhile later I am full of beans….again !! They say a mother’s lap is most comforting but a tired brain and body can find comfort anywhere…