Chronicles of my Love Story: 3. We meet again…

Defense Academy trains all the basics to aspirants of all three branches. After graduating from defense academy the cadets go for two-year training of the specific branches, that is army, navy and air force. Post those two years the young men get commissioned as officers and posted to various parts of the country.

Architecture is a five-year course and students graduate with a degree of B. Arch. In 1993, I took admission in the college at Nagpur, Maharashtra.  It was an all girls college.

I was in the third year of my course when that young man was commissioned as a Pilot Officer, posted in Assam. The college hostel where I was putting up had the p.a system to announce visitors or incoming phone. Architecture college was hosting a national fest in 1996 February and I was a part of it. Late in evening when all students returned to the hostel, my name was announced for an incoming call from Asaam. I received the call.

In six years that had passed when that boy left for defense academy and I for college, we had not exchanged even a single word. I never expected him to remember me let alone call me up after such a long time. But it was him…..

He: Hello, Shoma , I am Shashank. Remember me?

I: Um, ummm….I, yes I do.

He: Ah, Thank God for that! Can you give me your postal address?

I: Um….how did you find this phone number?

He: I will write to you about it….is it okay? Are you willing to give me your postal address?

I: Umm… Okay.