NaPoWriMo (# 2): Reality Unmasked..

They sat there,
she and her children,
tattered and shattered,
shivering and crying,
waiting for a miracle..
waiting for a merciful eye….
And along they came,
The social workers.
sobering and pondering…
bragging and discussing..
of sympathies and compassion..
of vanity and charity!!
She hopefully stared,
They pitifully glared,
and hatefully sneered…
But none cared..
She sat bewildered
And away they went…
pondering and sobering..
discussing and bragging..
of compassion and sympathy..
of vanity and charity..
So they sat there,
she and her children,
tattered and shattered,
crying and shivering,
Waiting for some miracle..
Waiting for a merciful eye!!

With all due respect to the social workers and good Samaritans who really work day and night for betterment of poor and needy, but there are some people who are out there only  for publicity and fame. They do talk about helping destitute people but they shun the real work. Empathy, compassion, charity are mere words for them. With this poem I tried to unmask their reality..