Book Review: Karachi Deception

Book: Karachi Deception

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Rupa Publication

Karachi DeceptionWar stories,  espionage and spy stories easily attract me to a book store. Obviously this book attracted me enough to apply for reviewing it.

The story is about three army commandos, best among all, who are chosen to carry out a covert operations and enter Pakistan to eliminate dreaded underworld head Irshad Dilawar.

Through nail biting events, the three commandos traverse through enemy territory putting their lives on line. However the Pakistani intelligence service and the don seem to elude them always.

The story is set amidst secrets, politics, mind games with the enemy. And as the blurb says, it does keep the reader hooked till the end.

The surveillance tactics taken up by the commandos, the way they cover their identities, the patience required to carry out such operations, procuring arms and ammunition and intelligence amid the enemy has been described in very detail and brings the picture alive. The locations can be imagined in vivid details from the imagery created by the words.

It is a very tightly woven story and a very gripping one at that with twists and turns that make you turn page after page.

However, when the mystery of the dangerous operation that was undertaken by the commandos is revealed, I was not convinced. I am not sure if any country would endanger its best commandos for an operation that never was….

But in all it is a wonderful entertaining read. go for it if thrills you to read spy stories.

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