Catching up

Tired after 15 years of roaming and setting up home at small-off-the-regular-route towns as a military wife, I finally put down my foot to settle down at one place even as husband dear carries on with the service to nation.

The decision to create a permanent base brought biggest change in my teenage daughter’s school life. As she started school in the new place, not only she needed to make new friends but also she needed to ‘catch up’ on all the missed syllabus for the impending exams.

Over the years I have not been available for birthdays, marriage ceremonies and college get-together meets simply because the places we were located at were not easy to travel from. My friends and relatives, elated with my decision were quick to remark, “Great! we need to catch up soon now!”

I realized, isn’t it all that each of us do all our life…. the catching up? Almost all of us in those rhetorical moments have advised “The greatest wealth is health”. But seldom do we follow our own advice. We run and run…after success,  money,  relationships, happiness…never ever however really getting there because the thirst never stops…there is always something missing…that one more thing to achieve…that last thing to possess….and the rat race continues…We always are in need of a lot of catching up to do!!


In our blind race to catch up with our desires in life, we tend to overlook and loose out on our health….is that the example we are setting for our next generation to emulate? To run after material things… but what about catching up on growth?

Isn’t it our responsibility to teach them young about a healthy body and mind? the World Health Organisation defines health thus:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

For a healthy mind and social well-being, the body needs to be fit and well-developed…the right weight, right height…pink and robust, devoid of lethargy. For only an active child will make friends, harbor curiosity, will be inquisitive and chart his own path in life…

Often our day-to-day regular food falls short of required growth supplements and that is where Horlicks Growth Plus steps in. This specially designed nutritional supplement is perfect for growing up children specially the three to nine-year-olds….’catch them young’ never sounded much more apt, really!

With its high quality whey protein and added nutrients, Horlicks Growth plus aids in gaining height and weight enabling the under-nourished children to catch up on the lost growth..

Yes, in this fast paced life where even adults as young as twenty somethings are falling victims to stress and depression, the onus is on us, the generation of adults who have grown up on much healthier home cooked food than today’s junk food eating children to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle and food.

For only with our kids growing up as healthy individuals, will we become a better progressive nation…ready to take on the world…ready to leave our imprint….and catch the elusive successful life by its horns.

Live life to fullest with a happy healthy growing up...

Live life to fullest with a happy healthy growing up…

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