Book Review: Battles and Warriors

Book: Battles and Warriors

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Battles ans Warriors by Subhadra sen GuptaThis is the second book from the series of “Exploring India” by Subhadra Sen Gupta, the author of “Kings and Queens”.

This book follows the similar pattern as the earlier with stories of important wars that have shaped the history of Indian sub-continent.

The five major battles between Greek warrior Alexander and King Porus at banks of River Jhelum, the Emperor Ashoka’s life changing battle at Kalinga, Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi at Panipat, Rajenra Chola and Srivijaya kingdom and the Pallasey war between Siraj-ud-Daula and East India Company  along with the events which led to these wars are precisely described in short story formats in the book.

While the text books in schools do introduce the history to the children but academic books fail to generate excitement and inclination towards history of wars and warriors. However this book with its attractive illustrations by Tapas Guha not only raise the interest among young and old but also give a glimpse of what the then warriors might have dressed like, arms and armoury they used and how the war scene might have looked like. The illustrations have made the story easier to comprehend.

These books are a commendable effort in taking the past to growing up kids….in fact I found it an interesting read myself. The book reminded me of the Amar Chitra Katha books that I have grown up reading.

Read to revisit history and introduce kids to story reading and historic facts in small doses.

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