Book Review: Men And Dreams In Dhauladhar

Book: Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar
Author: Kochery C Shibu
Genre: Fiction
Publication: Niyogi books

Men and dreams: Book review

I am back with new book review. It has been some time since I last read and reviewed a book. But I was on self-imposed sabbatical as I couldn’t find interesting books to read!

Men and Dreams seemed interesting from the blurb on the back cover.

The story is about three people very different to each other who end up at a dam construction project site high up in the Himalayas, more precisely the Dhauladhar Range. Nanda, an engineer from Kerala is running away from warring communities who are baying for his blood in revenge. He leaves his family and goes in hiding as a supervisor on the dam site. Rekha is a trained and accomplished Kathak dancer who gives up her medical profession to follow her passion of dance. She dreams of finding a man who would spark love and longing in her. On a trip to Vaishnodevi temple in kashmir her group is attacked by a group of terrorists. One of the terrrorists ends up instead protecting her from harm’s way. Khusru, is from a small village Deran in Himalayas who falls in wrong hands and ends up being trained as a terrorist and is supposed to help execute the plan of blowing up the dam site. Khusru despite becoming a terrorist despises hurting women. He foils the plan of other terrorist in the group by saving Rekha from their clutches and misguiding them leading to their capture by army. Khusru and the girl fall in a wild passionate love and escape to dam site to stay in hiding.

The story goes on to describe the life of the three along with all men and women at the construction site. While the challenges of the life in hills with changing weather, the infighting between laborers, the changing lifestyle of locals make the backdrop of the story, the story revolves around the three people; their fears, aspirations, interactions and their dreams of a brighter tomorrow. And while the men and women at the construction site strive to achieve their dreams the majestic Dhauladhar watches over the twists in tale.

The story though well conceived and written, dwells too much, for my comfort, on technical side of dam construction. I for one did not want to read so much about ‘fore bay’ or ‘gulle’ etc.

The background of each character was interesting though and built up the story of how they all reached at same destination. I would have liked to read their interaction more. The end seemed little abrupt as everything happens suddenly. The part about intelligence agency tracking the movement of terrorist is too short and doesn’t build up the anticipation enough.

The story ends in interesting way. While some dreams are crushed but some are met and for those characters of the story all ends well.

In all, story doesn’t disappoint but it could have been shorter. I liked the idea of the story but skipped some part when it became a little too much about the construction and less about people.

Read and decide for yourself.

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Book Review: Finding Juliet

Finding Juliet

Author: Toffee

Publication: Srishti Publishers

Genre: Fiction

finding-julietSo a new book came at my doorstep… Finding Juliet, sent by Writer’s Melon.

 This is a story of a Arjun who seems to get attracted to lot many girls. He gets close and emotionally attached to three girls in succession but eventually loses his ground with each of them.

Dejected, heartbroken and confused he leaves his job and changes cities where his childhood friend Anjali becomes his shoulder to cry on. An office colleague seems to enlighten Arjun of ‘what women want’ and gradually Arjun turns himself into an irresistible flirty hunk.

Eventually, Arjun realizes the futility of one-night-stands and ‘no strings attached’ sexual escapades. It dawns on him that his true love was his ever supporting childhood friend that he had been searching for a long time. All ends well with Arjun finally Finding his Juliet.

When I started reading through, I kind of guessed who the Juliet would be and there was no surprise. The story though well written seems to be a concoction of some of the new age Hindi movies. At one time the main protagonist seems to be floundering with every thing and every girl and then every thing seems to fall in place with him romping around with every female in his vicinity…from young just in college girl to married woman are just blown away by his charm and he lands a lasting gig in the film industry writing lyrics!

Also the author keeps mentioning about the character being an engineer…it looked forced…as if he needs the world to believe of his geeky intellect! His romp  with every girl he meets becomes little boring because every time there is a mention of a new girl…you know what is coming!

Thankfully author decides to wake up and do away with his character’s Casanova lifestyle or else I would have stopped reading more of his amorous activities….too much of something becomes boring isn’t it? Or then may be I am old school.

The story is fast paced and holds attention. In fact if someone wants to make yet another new age movie where everyone is cool about casual sex and there is no guilt baggage…this story fits in.

The story is very today. I may have outgrown such love stories…I now kind of incline towards more mature real meaningful relationship stories but I am sure people would love to read this book and imagine themselves in ‘Arjun’s’ shoes.

Go ahead and read for yourself…

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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Book Review: My Father Is A Hero

Indian Bloggers

Book: My Father Is A Hero

Author: Nishant Kaushik

Publisher: Srishti Publication

Genre: Fiction

my-father-is-a-heroIts been a while since I read and reviewed any book. Then Writer’s Melon sends me this book.

Most times a father is the first superhero of any child…”my Daddy strongest”.  I see it everyday with my daughter who can not imagine her dad not knowing answers to her thousands of questions or getting tired or being lesser than anybody in world.

I still cannot reconcile to the fact that my father has aged and isn’t as strong as he was when I was a kid.

This book by Nishant Kaushik is about Vaibhav Kulkarni and his eleven year old daughter Nisha. Estranged from his wife, Vaibhav, a single father, does everything possible to bring up his daughter with comfort and best of facilities. He however is incapable of standing up to injustice meted out to him in daily routine of his life by office and street bullies. Nisha, Vaibhav’s daughter though a bright and mature-than-her-age girl who just simply adores her father, cannot understand why he doesn’t fight against bullies. She also is plagued by a thought that she was an unwanted child of her mother. Nisha, falls back in school in depression.

Vaibhav takes up a herculean task beyond his means, that of visiting a concert of Rihanna in Australia for his daughter’s sake. On this journey, the father daughter open up about his bowing down to bullies and her fears of being unloved. A physical altercation with a goon in Australia when Vaibhav fights back and his efforts to bring a smile on Nisha’s face finally bear results and Nisha realizes that her father indeed is her hero.

The story does justice to the struggles of a father and his desire to fulfill his child’s dreams. It brings out the special bond that a father and daughter share….of how protective a father can be and how far parents go to meet something for their child’s happiness.

However, I felt that at times the author has forgotten that the child is just an eleven year old or may be I haven’t come across such a mature child.

My daughter of thirteen years is still a child and I like it that way.

In all the story is a good read, a little monotonous but with a happy ending. We all need a hero to look up to and who better than a parent who sacrifices everything for us.

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Book Review: Rambles Into Sacred Realms

Book: Rambles Into Sacred Realms

Author: Krish V Krishnan

Publishers: Inkhorn Publishing

Rambles Into SacredRealmsI am fond of sketching and I love to write when inspiration strikes though I often find myself short on time to write and sketch simultaneously. I have lamented and given excuses when asked why I wasn’t sketching enough.

Now here comes a book ‘Rambles Into The Sacred Realms’ with stories of travel all around the world, of forgotten sacred practices, of hidden ancient temples, of folklores and of rituals to please Gods and goddesses.

And it is not a simple travel story to various sacred sites around the world… instead it is where prose and art has joined hands and superbly so…

Author, Krish V Krishanan’s labour of love describes his journeys into the mystic worlds in twelve chapters….

…the scary subterranean caves of Mayans in Belize where wading through the swift waters of creek brought him face to face with stories and skeletons of people sacrificed on altar to end extensive famine…

…the mysterious expanse of Angkor Wat where the nature has taken hold upon the ancient temple ruins becoming one with the enormous stone statues of Lord Shiva and dancing apsaras….

…the abode of Lord Shiva in ancient city of Varanasi and the many ghats along the sacred river Ganga milling with devotees praying for that final release from the human world of suffering into the land of Gods and eternal bliss…

….the Guatemalan wildlife and pyramids and temples of Tikal…

…the sacred site of Goddess Pele with erupting lava at Hawaii…the giant boulders arranged in mystical circle with a definite purpose of their existence still a mystery at Stonehenge in United Kingdom…

….Petra and its red stone wind sculpted rocks, Bedouins, Wadi Rum and tombs at Jordan….the holy cities of Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem where the stories of Chritianity, Islāmic and Jewish faith originate, seaport of Jaffa in Israel…

…the land of Pharaohs, Sphinx and grand mysterious pyramids at Giza, the temples of Egyptians….Greek temples and oracle…pyramids at Mexico…Buddhas at Thailand…

He has brought his travel experience alive not only with the elaborate prose but also with his drawings in various media. Peppered with historic facts, travel tips, folklores, story around his art and  illustrations and details about the art material and techniques makes this book stand apart.

It is neither just a travelogue nor just a book of art….this concoction takes the reader on a wonderful journey with vivid imagery in words and colours.

The only regret I have in reading this book is that I don’t have the paperback version of book and I really would have loved to have it.

After reading this book, now the thing is that I can not any more lament about not finding time for art and writing simultaneously. I am quite inspired to take offbeat journeys and revisit my artistic side….and the author’s aim to make readers want to travel and paint seems to have been accomplished.

If you have a thing for great prose and good art, this is the book for you.

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