Book Review: My Father Is A Hero

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Book: My Father Is A Hero

Author: Nishant Kaushik

Publisher: Srishti Publication

Genre: Fiction

my-father-is-a-heroIts been a while since I read and reviewed any book. Then Writer’s Melon sends me this book.

Most times a father is the first superhero of any child…”my Daddy strongest”.  I see it everyday with my daughter who can not imagine her dad not knowing answers to her thousands of questions or getting tired or being lesser than anybody in world.

I still cannot reconcile to the fact that my father has aged and isn’t as strong as he was when I was a kid.

This book by Nishant Kaushik is about Vaibhav Kulkarni and his eleven year old daughter Nisha. Estranged from his wife, Vaibhav, a single father, does everything possible to bring up his daughter with comfort and best of facilities. He however is incapable of standing up to injustice meted out to him in daily routine of his life by office and street bullies. Nisha, Vaibhav’s daughter though a bright and mature-than-her-age girl who just simply adores her father, cannot understand why he doesn’t fight against bullies. She also is plagued by a thought that she was an unwanted child of her mother. Nisha, falls back in school in depression.

Vaibhav takes up a herculean task beyond his means, that of visiting a concert of Rihanna in Australia for his daughter’s sake. On this journey, the father daughter open up about his bowing down to bullies and her fears of being unloved. A physical altercation with a goon in Australia when Vaibhav fights back and his efforts to bring a smile on Nisha’s face finally bear results and Nisha realizes that her father indeed is her hero.

The story does justice to the struggles of a father and his desire to fulfill his child’s dreams. It brings out the special bond that a father and daughter share….of how protective a father can be and how far parents go to meet something for their child’s happiness.

However, I felt that at times the author has forgotten that the child is just an eleven year old or may be I haven’t come across such a mature child.

My daughter of thirteen years is still a child and I like it that way.

In all the story is a good read, a little monotonous but with a happy ending. We all need a hero to look up to and who better than a parent who sacrifices everything for us.

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