Weekly Photo Challenge:Monochromatic

At a recent visit to Udaipur we spent time at Fatehsagar lake boating in its placid waters. The lake shimmered in beautiful blues…reflecting the skies and enveloping the distant Aravalli range in its bluish hues..

shades of blue

Fatehsagar Lake at Udaipur

As the evening advanced to surround everything in its darkness, the view transformed completely to the shades of grey….

Fatehsagar Lake at Udaipur

Fatehsagar Lake at Udaipur


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Fort wall at Amer Fort, Jaipur with a early full moon

Outer wall of Amer Fort with an early full moon

Amer Fort

Amer Fort at night illuminated for light and sound display

Beach at Havelock Island, Andamans

A stroll on beach at nighttime

Candle light Dinner at Havelock Island, Andamans

Candle light Dinner at Havelock Island, Andamans


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Weekly Photo Challenge: TEXTURE

stone  pattern with fossilised plant


A section of a stone wall at Gwalior fort (Madhya Pradesh, India) has a rough texture along with the imprint of fossilized plant.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

In between the earth and sky


My daughter happily soaring in between the blue sky  and grass-covered hills of Dalhousie (Himachal Pradesh).

Dalhousie a small town, named after the British Governor General in India Lord Dalhousie, was developed as summer retreat by the Britishers around five hills of state of Himachal Pradesh(India). With around 600 hotel which include private villas and bungalows, this is a favorite tourism destination. Dalhousie  is between 6000 and 9000 ft above mean sea level.

Though it has many tourist attractions but we were there for only few hours and all we could manage was horse ride and para-sailing.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Abandoned



These are the pictures of “KULDHARA” , Rajasthan (India). The entire town was abandoned by the residents and they vanished overnight from the town in mysterious circumstances around 18th century.

The local folk-lore is that the village occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins was being harassed by king or the regional chieftain for excess taxes. The king also set his eyes on the village chief’s daughter. However the king’s reputation of being a womanizer did not make him an ideal candidate for the lovely damsel. The villagers abandoned the village in the darkest hour of the night and cursed the king. The king sent his men to find them but to no avail….they had vanished into thin air leaving all their belongings, cattle, utensils etc.

The ruins of Kuldhara suggest that it was a well planned prosperous village with wide roads running in cardinal directions and dividing the town into domestic and commercial sections with a temple(which also has been renovated to give a glimpse of the villagers’ lifestyle) in the center of town. There were step-wells and separate parking spaces for the carts. Kuldhara consisted of 84 villages and all of them just disappeared one night. The stories of the ruins being haunted also prevail. The site now under Architectural Survey of India is being developed as tourist attraction.

Kuldhara lies some 15km west of Jaisalmer, another fort city of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is well-connected by road and rail to bigger towns like Jodhpur and Jaipur.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

We are surrounded by contrasts. If there is day, there is night, the peaks and valleys, deserts and seas,  summers and winters, rains and droughts, strength and weakness, happiness and sadness, pain and joy, love and hate, truth and lies……….

And we can cherish all the brightness because we have braved the dark some time, we can revel in peace because we have been in some strife, we feel the love because we have faced the hatred some time. And this is what life is….

“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”

This Cactus being so thorny doesn’t allow itself to be touched but once a year blooms with the most delicate flower. The cactus needs the harsh sun all the time but its flower blooms in night and withers away in the sun. A perfect example of contrasting features….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Mumbai or Bombay is the capital of state of Maharashtra. It is a city which has attracted almost everybody. Mumbai is called a city of dreams because everybody flocks to this city dreaming to make it big in life and most of the dreams do come true.

Mumbai has many things to offer from street food to expensive international cuisine, cheap imitation to brand items and what not. Among many attractions is Marine Drive. Evenings find people from all walks of life strolling hand in hand in the company of swaying palm trees, drinking the coconut water and  enjoying the fresh air and view of the setting sun.

Marine Drive or Queen’s Necklace is a 3-kilometre-long boulevard in Southern Mumbai. It is over reclaimed land facing west-south-west along the natural bay of the Arabian Sea. Marine Drive is a ‘C’ shaped concrete road along the coast. At night looking down from some elevated place the street lights look like shining pearls of a necklace and hence the name Queen’s Necklace. Post British era the official name was changed to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road which however is rarely used.

The city has always fascinated me with the never-say-die attitude of its populace. Looking down from an aircraft window its size overwhelms me……

And the night view( this Photo courtesy Google images):

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

 A world without any problems…….relaxed and carefree,

 Forget your worries …..come play with me!!

If only humans were as emotionally secure as animals then they would also have been always as ready to enjoy as him. Our dog is always ready to play irrespective of hunger, cold weather, torrential rains …..anything, ‘coz he wants only love and love and love.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Self Portrait

I am…
Like the gentle breeze,
zestful and fresh…

Like the zealous ocean,
wild and free…
Like the bubbling river,
gay and sprightly…
Like the golden fire,
burning bright…
Like a solid rock,
vigilant and protecting…

Like a fragrant flower,   
sweet and delicate….
I blossom, 
with love and passion
But ..
Like a fragile glass,
I shatter,
if deprived of affection…
Yes, that is all in me….
I am a woman in love, 
And I just love, love and love

Reflections of love

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Mommy mommy …
I want to meet a mermaid !!!
If I dress like one,
will she still be afraid?
Is it a Possibility?
or tree stump????
and everything is a possibility!!!!!
   Ah! Mr. Cat face Crab
  with fangs all bare,
  on his nightly prowl
or ready to attack?
His territory, he protects!!!
Possibility to reach the skies……………..
“Kaalaa Paani”…..Cellular Jail
CHAINED for eternity………..
straight to hell!!
Was there ever a Possibility of freedom?