Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

We are surrounded by contrasts. If there is day, there is night, the peaks and valleys, deserts and seas,  summers and winters, rains and droughts, strength and weakness, happiness and sadness, pain and joy, love and hate, truth and lies……….

And we can cherish all the brightness because we have braved the dark some time, we can revel in peace because we have been in some strife, we feel the love because we have faced the hatred some time. And this is what life is….

“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”

This Cactus being so thorny doesn’t allow itself to be touched but once a year blooms with the most delicate flower. The cactus needs the harsh sun all the time but its flower blooms in night and withers away in the sun. A perfect example of contrasting features….

Weekly Photo challenge:Hidden

Guess what is hidden behind this beautiful bloom……?

Voila!! a cactus…..

Can you spot the farmer ???? Hidden for sure !!!

Spider-man, spider-man
Does whatever a spider can;
Friendly neighborhood Spider-man,
Look out ! here comes the spider-man !! 
Wonder who is hidden : man in a spider or spider in a man ???