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….And I love introducing small exciting twists and turns in our story of fifteen years of married life. Yes! I will be celebrating my fifteenth wedding anniversary this year in October.

We fell in love when I was just about finishing my college and he was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Air Force. Our first home where the story of our marriage began was in Srinagar in a small two bedroom house. My husband told me that we would buy stuff to decorate our home once we were posted out of Srinagar. So I made that small house my home with whatever little stuff we had….. Later with the places where we got posted to not being always comfortable and houses always of different sizes, we chose to style our abode in simple no fuss way. Gradually we started building our personal collection of curios, frames, furniture and furnishings.

We both have always loved to have neat organised home. I have mostly decorated my home in whites, off-whites and beige…….it gives a peaceful serene and relaxing look to the interiors.

But now our eleven year daughter is bored with our color choice and wants something bright and boisterous. Since the beginning of this year I too was feeling the need to add a little color and more spice in our comfortable loving relationship…….I felt the need to be ….lets say… “A little naughty at forty!!”(He turned forty this year!) 😉

In the armed forces there are many occasions when the family has to stay separated for some time when the husbands go for some outstation duty. This September my husband will be away from us and I will get that opportunity to have a Home Makeover with little changes to the decor of our home.

I have shortlisted few sites which would help me paint and primp my home and for those extra additions I am glad to have found the site . It is really a go-to site for beautiful decor items be it furniture, furnishings or other accessories.

I have thought about redoing our bedroom as a surprise for him. Retaining the color of walls as white, I am planning to go for a Contemporary style of decor. I have thought of stenciling the white wall behind the bed with little orange birds to add a dash of color in the room and along with that three  additions :

The bedroom set will brighten up the room and break the monotony of white walls. I have thought of putting the glass film only on the central panel of three-panel sliding door so that the glare from sun is cut off  yet too much of orange doesn’t overpower the interiors. An aroma diffuser will be the perfect add on to relax my husband when he returns home.

Sketch drawing of our bedroom

Sketch drawing of our bedroom

Ummm….I can’t help but imagine the smile that would light up his face when he would see the changes. And I know our night will culminate beautifully with the intoxicating aroma spread in the room….

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