Book Review: Queen Of At-Home Lifestyle

Book: Queen Of At-home Lifestyle
Genre: Self Help
Author: Chandana Banerjee
Publication: Self Published E-Book

Book ReviewIt has been quite some time since I have written anything. Honestly I had lost motivation. Also the change in scenario with Covid spreading in all countries causing suffering and deaths in its wake scared me forcing me to concentrate on the present times instead of future.

This unfamiliar unknown deadly disease made me falter in my regular life with everything from home, work and helping daughter with her studies. What I actually needed was something to point me towards a direction to re-channelize my energies in home-making and my work as a writer.

It was coincidence that Author Chandana Banerjee connected with me to about her book “Queen Of At-Home Lifestyle”.  And it intrigued me enough when she described her E-book being about tips and suggestions of how to make most of time in these pandemic times.

Chandana Banerjee, a military wife, a successful entrepreneur and author has brought her latest book “Queen of At-Home Lifestyle” for women who are the backbone of a home. The book is divided into three major parts Home-Making, Home-Schooling and Work From Home.

The Work from Home section deals with whys and hows of setting up a micro business or entrepreneurship from home with whatever resources are available at hand without unnecessary expenditure to begin with. Being a military wife herself, Chandana Banerjee knows how to make best of sources available in remote places of the country when she moves to such obscure places with her husband. She advises on how to juggle work and home chores like cooking, stocking up kitchen, laundry and hose cleaning without giving up on the passion of your fledgling business from home.

The Home making section deals with making a weekly plan for various activities required to run a house like clockwork so that the chores do not overwhelm the home-maker. While sharing the hacks and tips for running the house like queen, she emphasizes how creating a routine saves many hours in a day. An uncluttered and simply decorated space goes a long way in enhancing the work and home skills is what she says.

The home schooling section also shares tips about how to make home schooling not only enjoyable for the kids but also an easy task for the primary care giver. The chapters point out the sources for home schooling as well.

But in all this the best advice author gives is to take things slow and easy pace without overburdening yourself or rest of the members of the home, spending quality time with family and enjoying the whole gamut of things to do!

The book is a collection of handy tips to organize your thoughts and guide through the initial steps of stepping home based small scale business along with increasing efficiency at home.

Most of us would understand the easy tips and suggestions because in heart of heart, we know these logical pointers. But at times we let circumstances cloud our thinking and that is when a little nudge can bring us back on track. And this is what Chandan Banerjee’s book does… it pushes you to take up that niggling idea out in open from the crevices of your mind and helps you take the first few baby steps towards your dream of wonderful home and a successful home run entrepreneurship.

Do give it a read.

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