Book Review: The Conquest Of East

Book: Conquest Of The East
Author: R. Durgadoss
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Conquest Of the East
Since I haven’t read the earlier book of this series, I don’t know how much this book connects with back story.

I became quite fascinated with history of Chola kings when I moved to Tamilnadu for a year. There was nothing much in school books while growing up.

While visiting the living Chola Temples around Thanjavur, I had the opportunity to visit Gangaikondacholapuram, a town and temple established by Rajendra Chola after his victorious campaign till River Ganga in north.

The book ‘Conquest of east’ is based on that very conquest. The story however has nice dose of fiction amalgamated with few facts of history.

The story features ‘Sagar’ a brave man who takes various rebirths to help in achieving the victory. I however have not related that part well with story. I would have liked to read more about Sagar  but may be that part has been dealt with in earlier books of the series.

In all, the story was good and kept me wanting to turn the page.  At some places story took the form of bulleted information which personally I did not like even if it was taking the story ahead because it broke the flow of the story and felt as if I was reading a document on historic findings instead of fiction story.

Read it… may be along with previous parts.


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