Book Review: The Code Of Manavas

Book: The Code Of Manavas
Author: Arpit Bakshi
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publication


Code of Manavas

Code Of Manavas

Mythological stories were products of rich imaginations of ancient writers who mixed reality and fantasy so well that now ages later we wonder how much of it happened, how much is real history and what all is fantasy? Did asuras really exist? Did some men really have supernatural powers that today we consider them gods? Are Ramayan and Mahabharat just epic stories or there is some truth in the events?

Mythology hence can be interpreted to one’s fertile imagination and stories added to various events from original ones.

A 21st century person would naturally add science fiction to mythology. And that is what Arpit Bakshi has attempted with his book “The Code Of Manavas”.

The book begins many years later when seemingly the world as we know has changed drastically and is inhabited by new species of Homo sapiens called ‘manavas’. The story tells of a crisis on earth and its imminent annihilation and the new age ‘Krishna’ trying to find another habitable planet for the existing species. Another group of people who supposedly exist from ancient age in small numbers live on other end of the land mass. The interaction between the two group of people is governed by  a code of conduct. This code of manavas guides everyone to not interfere in each other’s existence. However the impending doom requires both groups to work together as one force against the saboteurs and natural forces.

The author has embarked on the story very ambitiously in creating a time period which is much ahead in future. The story has few portions dedicated to the ancient mythology woven into the narrative. Then there is the mention of  magnetic trains and thought controlled computers and data. There is also ‘Kansa’  and ‘Jarasandh’ as enemies in new avatar. There is a mysterious sabotage. Then the new planet which new age Krishna is seeking is being created from scratch by inducing life, creating dinosaurs and what not.

While the story tries various angles …sometimes modern sometimes reminiscent of ancient era but it didn’t feel binding. The story did not create an impressive narrative for me. Just by giving the names like ‘bhoomidium’ to an imaginary element which is being pumped in the humans and nature to make them immortal and free of diseases and a few other terms loosely thrown in the story. A story set in millions of year ahead of present day should have had so much more science fiction instead of half of it retelling the ancient story in not very flattering way. The author’s imagination falls short. The teleportation and magnetic trains is an imagination which I grew up on. I was expecting more.

The author has put everything in one book…romance, science fiction, mythology and which has left me unimpressed. But if a light read is your idea of story, go ahead and enjoy.

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