Book Review: Tides Don’t Cross

Book: Tides Don’t Cross
Author: Simar Malhotra
Publishers: Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction

Tides Don't Cross

Tides Don’t Cross

Occasionally you come across characters in stories that seem like you know that person. They seem believable and sometimes they resonate with your own self. Tides Don’t Cross falls in that category where the two sisters Meera and Rukmini seem like real people.

It has been a while since I read a love story. Some which I did read did not much click with my liking though those were not bad stories.

Mrinalini and Rukmini, the two sisters are as different as chalk and cheese. Mrinalini, the docile one heeds everything her overbearing mother commands and decides for her while Rukmini is the rebel. Mrinalini or Meera even agrees to marry someone on her mother’s insistence quashing a budding romance with her colleague in her heart. She adjusts her life according to the man she marries and gradually loses all her individuality. No one including her husband tries to gauge her heart, her aspirations, her choices…

Rukmini on other hand does everything which annoys their mother. She questions everything and is a hot headed person who doesn’t cow down to anything she doesn’t believe in. She falls in love with a Muslim boy, Ayan, an ace swimmer, in Paris. The bliss lasts as long as the separate ambitions do not clash. But the pain of separation and love lasts in a corner of her heart.

Ayan, a national team aspirant  finds his dreams quashed due to a shoulder injury. A perfect gentleman, he contemplates making good use of his knowledge and give back to society.

Few years down the line, Meera suddenly finds herself a widow and her struggles with bringing up her son, take her to a new house. The shy girl gradually opens up to the friendly neighbor and swimming coach of her son. She comes to rely on him and starts enjoying his company. Little by little her lost confidence and desire to live takes shape again.

The story weaves the lives of Meera, Rukmini and Ayan through various events. No where however there is slackening in the narrative. Each character is well crafted and plays important role in the story. The story flows so naturally that I did not want to put it down and enjoyed reading it late in night.

The twists in the story will keep the readers engaged no doubt. The story ends logically and with no unnecessary drama.

A well written book that I liked quite a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Tides Don’t Cross

  1. I’ve not read any romance novel for awhile as well. Hate soppy love stories anyway.

    “The story ends logically and with no unnecessary drama”- this line makes me want to pick this book up and give it a shot.

    Thank you for the review.

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