Book Review: The Aravan Head

Book: The Aravan Head

Author: Arvind Narasimha

Genre: Fiction

Publications: Inspire India Publishers

Amidst house shifting, setting up a home and travel I have lagged behind in reviewing some wonderful books that came my way.

Honestly, when the book The Aravan Head arrived, I had not heard of the character ‘Aravan’ from mythology though I knew of the related story. At the beginning of the story, I assumed it might be one where modern-day characters would be in some way related to mythology. But I was wrong.

The book however does introduce the hero of the story, Arya, with ‘Aravan Head’ as the backdrop. Arya, a cop is that super hero of Indian movies who does all the right things and escapes unscathed ninety-nine percent of times in the story. His character is unblemished, his attitude is rock solid but yet he has a softer side. He cooks well, he stands up for what is right, he respects women and he is handsome too…a perfect man who every woman would love to have around.

A series of events sends the super cop on trail of perpetrators. He goes undercover and stays at the farmhouse of the leader of underworld and discovers all his nefarious activities. Along the way he rescues an eunuch from clutches of criminals and falls in love with a shy pretty and simple girl.

In his pursuit of justice and bringing an end to criminal activities he puts up a tough fight. Of course he succeeds but pays a big price for his efforts.

Though the story is typical ‘masala’ movie kind of thing but what I liked about it is that the entire story line is knit tightly with no languishing moments. It is fast paced and keeps the reader engaged all through. The characters are well-defined and blend in the story seamlessly.

A well written story, it might as well be made into a movie which would definitely please the masses. The subtle emotional feelings and brewing love between Arya and Pavitra, the shy girl has been shown to blossom softly without unnecessary erotic presentation. The  end of story brought a little twist which was quite necessary to bring some realness to the human characters.

I loved reading the book because it kept me involved and eager to turn the page however, the perpetual success of the lead character became slightly predictable throughout the story but then again that is what the Bahubalis and Rajnikants of cine-world do…

All in all a mass entertainer. Go ahead and read if thrillers are your choice of weekend reading.

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