For The Love Of Writing….

To be able to let your emotions and deepest thoughts flow on paper(or on keyboards these days) in coherent words is what writing is all about.

Quote on my art work via

Quote on my art work via Text-As-Image

Encouraged by an Anglo-Indian English language teacher at school, I fell in love with words. Every new word that was added to my repository had to be used at least once in prose and absurd little five-line rhyming poems that my young mind conjured up.

A second-hand book of quotes with frayed yellow pages, picked up from a footpath shop, became my prized possession. I would often scour through its pages for that perfect quote that would become an embellishment for my essays.

The progression to journal writing was a natural course in my love for writing. Writing became a cathartic experience for me…I would pen down everything from my annoyance at being scolded by parents, fights and make-up with friends, crush on the handsome new boy in school, pulling a prank on the snobbish girl and getting away with it, heartbreak on discovering the new guy had crush on somebody else to school farewell, dreams and aspirations, special requests to the almighty and happy feelings when the wishes seemed to get fulfilled….

And though appreciation for poetry was my most desirable little secret but self-criticism made me shy away from sharing with people.

image-as-text (3)

Clipart of my choice coupled with quote and added filter for image via Text-As-Image

Blogging came to me much much later. By that time I had overcome my inhibitions and the desire to be read and lauded had taken roots. The love for seasoning my concoction of words with words of literary greats drove me to surf internet for ‘quotes and sayings’. It afforded me a plethora of options…..some quotes were available as text but I found a huge stash of quotes in image forms too. These text images made me fall in love with writing all over again….

A new desire however tip-toed in the subconscious mind…that of using words of my choice in text-image or using my photographs for displaying famous quotes as text-images. The help was at hand in the form of Text As Image site.

This is one-stop site actually. All I had to do was open a free account and start making image of text of my choice. I even had the choice to select font style, size and place of text on the image. I could change the background colour, select from gallery of background images or upload an image from personal collection, add filters, change the size of canvas and play around with words!

The pro-account bought at a little price gives a little more freedom. With a pro-account I could do away with the site logo that appeared at left corner of the text image with a logo of my own! Alas but, I have yet to learn how to make my own professional logo… I could not really use the feature. Instead what I did was to opt for switching off the display of site logo.

And the best part is that once the image was ready to my satisfaction, I could not only download it to save for future use but also share it on my social media!

Writing is but a lonely journey and nobody really understands if you sit staring at white page and pencil in hand or at a blank white screen….you are playing with words in your mind arranging and rearranging them, trashing them and formulating the succinct beginning and people wonder whether you are fooling them or avoiding some work.

Above all a writer can never boast of knowing everything that is to know about writing….you can just have a love for writing and keep reading more and more to learn writing better and better.

Writing is as vast an art as the Pacific Ocean beyond... (photograph from my collection)

Writing is as vast an art as the Pacific Ocean beyond… (photograph from my collection)

But like me if you have a love for writing and want to glamorize your own golden words and thoughts as an  image with your logo to boast for eternity Text-as-image is your go to site. Try it…you will fall in love with writing over and over again!!

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