Gifting love…

It is at such times, during festivals, birthdays, anniversaries of near and dear ones, that staying at far off places, which are not conveniently connected to rest of the cities, hurts the most. You miss out on so many occasions of getting together with friends and family, on fun and quality time spent together…..

Due to work, I am staying in a small town in Tamilnadu among people who do not speak the language I do, do not celebrate the festivals I do and because of the language barrier I have not been really able to forge a strong friendship either. In all, the only interaction I have with locals is for small talk… a smile, a hello or for asking directions. I miss my friends and family terribly.

The only thing that I can do to let my loved ones know that they are being missed and remembered is call them up often and send them gifts on their special occasions. Thank God for technology….not only can we stay connected with chats, social media but also surf for that perfect gifts on-line and get those delivered anywhere in the country.

When I search for gifts, I am biased towards handicrafts and home décor. My obvious choice for a go-to site for my kind of stuff is CraftsVilla. This is one portal which is a storehouse of Indian handicrafts that are both reasonably priced and appealing to the eye. They have a variety of items from paintings, wooden, metal and fancy photo-frames to painted and enamelled vases, mirrors, candles, clocks and many more….

That reminds me, mother’s day just around the corner. She has insisted on a CV-MTHE_75880156990-Home_Decor-The_Woods_Hut-Craftsvilla_1complete family photograph with me, my sister, our husbands, kids and ‘nan-nani’ for her dining room wall. It would be a pleasant surprise for her to receive it framed beautifully….I think this might be just the right one as it goes with her home decor too….

Portal has lot of home decor stuff including furniture. In fact the whole house can be beautifully decorated from home decor section of the portal. Don’t believe me…? Go check it out yourself….

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