Praying for Patience, Positive outlook…..Peace

The world today needs Peace much more than any new drug, weapon, scientific discovery, space travel, climbing mountains or discovering other habitable planets in far of galaxies.

People, world over are at war….with each other, themselves, circumstances …..everything. There is so much of pain everywhere and nobody to hold hands and say ‘I understand….’ People are killing, torturing, kidnapping, bombing ….. as if the barbarism has returned….Innocents, law-abiding, god fearing simple people are perishing at the hands of such violence… Why?

Beside the pain of denied opportunities, broken faith, misled beliefs….there is a complete dearth of patience in people today. Nobody takes out the time to listen to the opinion of others, no one wants to hear advice of others, nobody wants to talk to iron out the differences…. The world has become obsessed with ‘I , me ,myself ‘.

If there is no communication then obviously, there is only a single outlook of the problem which leads to more negativity when actually there is a need of more and more positive outlook.

Belittling of one religion by other religion, discrimination of one race by other, dismissing someone’s way of thinking and way of living by others who consider themselves better….all this is disrupting the peace.

The pain of people, their patience all are related and only way to have peace is a positive outlook……To live and let live is what the world needs today.

Why should one religion try to force its ways on others? Why should one religion consider itself superior to others? Why should Christians be against Muslims or Hindus, Parsis or Jews and vice versa? Why can not all be able to follow and practice a religion of their own choosing?

I feel troubled, hopeless, scared, irritated….all types of emotions well up inside me when I pick up a newspaper and read about killings, abductions, bombing, maiming in the name of religion. I wish I had a magic wand to wipe away the pain and all negativity of the world and establish brotherhood and world Peace.

PI pray for peace…..Let us all pray for peace and understand each other to create a better world.

This is also for A to Z Challenge.

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