On a moonlit night…

As I contemplated on what to write with letter ‘O’ for this month’s A to Z Challenge, I seriously was stuck and then my daughter came up with few prompts like Originality, Over 40, Opportunity…

I have been busy the entire day with some social commitments but I did not want to miss this ‘Opportunity ‘ of pushing myself and posting everyday with a new word every day with authentic ‘Original’ writing. Turning 40 in another couple of days, I want to wait for my big day and see what surprises my husband and daughter have planned for me before sharing it on my blog post.

And now the day has flown away in flurry of activities and I could not find enough time to sit down and type any thought, story or memory for letter ‘O’. As I sat down to write something, with the moon showering its calming silver light on the little green patch outside our house, it struck me that what better than sharing some pictures, which I find beautiful, from my travels on a moonlit night…

We were visiting Jaipur, Rajasthan in winters and waited for the light and sound show at the Amer Fort, Jaipur. The moon shone beautifully bright on the ramparts of the fort atop a hill. The moonlight was so bright that small crevices of fort walls were visible too. I had to take this picture as a memory….

Jaipur Fort Ramparts

Another time when we travelled to Pondicherry, also known as ‘French Riviera of the East’, during Christmas, we spent the evening on the beach till the local authorities allowed. The moon came up to shimmer on the deep deep waters of the Bay of Bengal. I am scared of vastness of the sea but the moonlight danced on the dark water making it rich and smooth like silk….I wanted to scoop out this silver !!

Over the Bay Of Bengal

two years ago we travelled to Andaman Islands. We stayed in the igloo shaped tents on the Havelock Beach. Out on a stroll on the moonlit beach, we met Mr Crab, huge in size and very aristocratic. The moment it sensed our presence it assumed an attack pose like a ninja warrior and froze in the light of our camera…..

Mr Crab on the beach at Andamans

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