Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Britishers came to India posing as innocent traders and slowly spread like cancer throughout the country silently taking control over so many small kingdoms and looting the property and killing innocent people. They thought the natives were uncouth, uneducated and uncivilized. Thus they took upon themselves to improve the natives disregarding the faith and emotions of people. They introduced the English language besides Christianityrailways, British architecture and systematic armed forces. In fact the English language also  has a lot many words with their origin in India. Jungle, jute, cummerbund, dacoit, curry, nirvana, guru, karma etc are few such words.

The people of India have always adopted and adapted to all sorts of influences and personalized it to great extent. Even words of English language have  taken an Indian twist.

However sometimes those who do not have the privilege of attending schools interpret English in their own way. This gives rise to some very weird, funny and distorted English…

Can you guess what this placard says??? I bet you will be surprised to know that it says:

“Chilled Fresh Juice”

The sign was displayed in a wayside kiosk. The owner with his limited knowledge of the language and phonetics put up the sign to attract foreign tourists…. he got the spelling of “juice” right though!!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

  1. A funny distortion of the English language. My English parents were born in India in the early 1900’s, thier parents were in the Bristish army. (The European invaders you speak of, who went into “all” the world, spreading thier culture and beliefs) They stayed and loved India until the late 40’s. I was born in Canada, but I learned a very mixed English as a toddler, because a lot of the words they used for household items were the Hindu word. I remember going to school and having to learn the English word for things.


    • I agree there were many Britishers who fell in love with India and thanks to them that all of our monuments were not razed and we still have lot of history breathing in our country. But when I see or read about the atrocities it hurts a lot…. I hope you were not hurt by what I wrote!


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