Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I regret….
The tear that fell from her eye…
The reason of which was only I !!

Most of the times a picture is clicked of the things which give joy and pleasure to us. We do not take pictures of things which cause pain and become reminders of regret later. However while clicking many shots of my daughter in this attire, three years back we accidentally clicked this photograph too.

It so happened that after dressing her up in  a traditional attire we wanted to keep her innocent looks through photographs. She however had other plans and was not ready to pose and bent upon taking out the dress. I got little annoyed and scolded her for not listening to us. Poor little one stood there then and we started taking her pics but this first photograph made us stop in tracks……We wanted her laughing and smiling and not like this. I regret spoiling the moment for her.

However after some time we both cheered her up and did all the fooling around which she wanted us to do and finally the day ended with some really nice photographs of her.


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