A day for LOVE…

Me:      What are you giving me this Valentines?
Him:    Did I last year?
Me:      No!
Him :   And before that?
Me:     No!
Him:    It is not an Indian custom !!
Me:      I know it’s not our custom but you used to make every Valentine day special before we got married, so why not now?
Him:   Aw! come on we have been married for last 12 yrs now! You know I love you!

That was our conversation two days back.  And since last few years the conversation has almost been same, the only difference being the number of years in the last dialogue!

“You know I love you”…..I kept thinking about this and realized that over the last few years both of us have not said the three most important words very often! Both of us just know that love hasn’t vanished……it is there!

Many relationship gurus have emphasized on professing one’s love for the partner for a stronger bond. I do not completely agree with that though. I believe that actions speak louder than words. May be both of us do not actually say the three magic words aloud but the little things we do for each other are proof enough.

The other night I got stung by a scorpion and my right hand was burning with pain. After dropping our sleepy daughter at a friend’s place, he sat there all night by my side in clinic rubbing my itching palm. He had his work the next day but he kept awake chatting and stroking my head. By the time my pain and itching subsided it was well past midnight. Is this love or what?

He is fond of various cakes, pizzas and pastas that I bake. He even boasts of my skills among his friends (now that’s a different story altogether when couple of his friends decide to turn up unannounced to taste my baked stuff and I have to slog in the kitchen). But its him who swells up in pride when his friends compliment me on my cooking. That too is love…

He knows I love flowers but he always forgets to buy flowers for the vase in bedroom but lands up at my workplace with a red rose. He at times cooks food so that I could rest…He feels bad if I cry…. Isn’t this love?

He doesn’t read my blog posts but he brags to his friends about my writing abilities….He even tried his hand at this montage for the blog post. Of course this is love!! (Another previous post; a poem that I wrote is  my take on our love https://shomabhagwat.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/love-is/)

So do we need one day for saying ” I love you” ? I guess not, because everyday is a day to love……Its only one life that God has given us, why waste it in ego tantrums, scathing words or silly squabbles? Why say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day …Why not make each day mean it?

Oh! Yeah! Maybe its good way to make him buy some really nice gift for me…. So cheers to St. Valentine and a Happy Valentine’s Day to all….May there be love and peace in whole world!

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