Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

“Simple” is not much simple to depict…..how do you show it?

Simplicity is a way of life and more often our life is not so simple or it is us who make our life complicated and difficult.  Almost all relationships are bit complicated. Family, friends, co-workers all have this veneer which we define as social behavior. If only we were simply truthful in all of our words and actions would the world be a different place? Would there be less hatred and destruction?

The world of kids is much more simple. Kids do fight but they forgive and forget with the same speed and start their play again. They do not hold any long time grudge and do not have ego problems like the adults. They find something cheerful even at hardest times. And it is because of this simple philosophy ” Mommy,he said sorry to me and now we are friends again” that the kids are beautiful…..simply beautiful!!

Simply Shy

Simply cheerful even in extreme cold

As per the biological classification we are animals too…social animals that we like to call ourselves! God gave the humans more brains than any other animal but we forgot to hold on to the most important emotion and let love slip away. If only we were more like the “uneducated animals” we would have simply loved each other without expectations. We would have had fun even with the simplest of thing available without cribbing……

simply loving the pillow

Who wants an expensive toy....simply enjoying!!

Moral of the story? Nature has simple ways of showing its beauty and God made us to love everybody………..So lets be simple and lead a simple fulfilling life!

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