Lost …lost..

I am lost, completely clueless……No, I am at home and not midst of some calamity but I am truly troubled. People, my computer has crashed!!! I am so addicted to blogging now(thanks to DailyPost, my stuff is being read by people I have never met and I am loving all the ping backs and comments), that I am sitting here in a cyber cafe’ writing this post !!! Mr. Steve Jobs, may God rest his soul, might have made electronic world adventurous and exciting for people but I am a bit (okay! a lot of bit!!) handicapped as far as technical jargon is concerned. I am most uncomfortable to reboot my computer and so I will have to wait for my husband to return from his out-station trip before I reconnect to the world or else visit this cyber cafe’ for the next full week!!!

One thought on “Lost …lost..

  1. You went to a cyber cafe in AGRA! Wow you really are addicted to blogging. 🙂 But keep going.. I am so f ing aimless and in suspended animation .. I am just living by… please carry on with wonderful pics and all!


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