Write right….

I love to write, yes that is true. But there might be issues about which one avoids writing…..afraid of those topics? Na, I mean its more about keeping silent to avoid skirmishes rather than being afraid to write! So, let me find out myself what 5 topics do I avoid writing about…..

I did not actually have to think much about one particular topic which I avoid…. IN-LAWS!!! My mother-in-law had issues with her in-laws, my sisters-in-law have cribs about their in-laws, my friends, sister, mother all have some or the other issue with respective in-laws.  And like so many other married women I too have a lot many issues with them but I choose to keep quiet! Even such a statement is going to cause ripples in the household, I am sure!! So, this topic is a big No-No…

Another topic which I am superstitious about is bragging about my husband or daughter and so I avoid ever writing it. I fear that some evil eye will eclipse my happiness and fortune! In Hindi language it’s called “nazar lagana”. So, another no-no topic…

Gossip, is another topic that I avoid writing about. It might give a sadistic pleasure for some time but it totally mars our own reputation which is a very precious thing to lose…

Right or wrong ; I might find some issues wrong but they might be right for somebody else. Though as a good friend, I should check my friend from doing wrong but  if I start preaching on rights and wrongs then it would be the sure shot way to lose many friends. And I am afraid to write anything which may sound preachy…

One such topic which again I try to avoid is Tips on Blogging !! Ha, now that is one such thing which a lot many people write about and since the day I started blogging, I have read so many and they seem copied from each other. Since I am no expert and still struggling to draw readers to my blog, I better avoid such writing!!

That is it then; my five scary topics. The best thing to do then is to always write things which do not hurt anybody because we cannot take back the words once spoken and the hurting words get written then its doomsday ………

So, the mantra is ” Write Right….”

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