Alma Femilift For Women’s Intimate Health

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Women are the backbone of their homes and the society whether any one acknowledges this fact or not. Whether she is working outside or whether she is a homemaker, it is a woman who keeps the social fabric alive.

However with almost most domestic chores falling on women’s shoulders, they tend to take all kinds of stress and relegate their health to later with family and its requirement topping the list of priorities. And often its the women’s health that remains least talked about. Attention to emotional or mental and physical well being of women gets overlooked.

Physically a woman’s body undergoes lot more wear and tear over the years due to child birth or hormonal changes, lack of enough exercise or mental stress and of course age. When it comes to intimate wellness of a woman, there is a kind of stigma attached to health issues. And it doesn’t help either with women shying away from talking about it and getting timely appropriate help.

Childbirth and age cause maximum stress on muscular tissues of women’s body.  Unless women are very mindful of healthy living practices, eating and exercising, the muscular stress may lead to vaginal laxity that causes decreased satisfaction in intimacy with partner, stress urinary incontinence that leads to urine leakages and /or vaginal dryness.

Alma Femilift steps in here to solve such wellness issues of women for a better feminine life.

Alma Femilift

Alma Femilift

In an introductory talk by Dr Bharati Dhorepatil that I had the opportunity to attend, many doubts were laid to rest.

Dr Bharati Dhorepatil

Dr Bharati Dhorepatil

Femilift that uses laser technology to treat various issues, is a quick solution that is painless, minimally invasive and with quick recovery. It is a process that is conducted in an out patient  setting which means no operating, no anesthesia or admission to recuperate in hospital wards.

According to the doctor “it is a short procedure that takes hardly as much time as it takes for a visit to beauty parlour”. 

  • The procedure is well suited for women in initial stages or mild to moderate vaginal laxity or incontinence.

If left untreated it may require surgical treatment. 

A few benefits of Alma Femilift:

• Fast, homogeneous treatments
• Minimally invasive
• Outpatient treatment CO2 technology which is clinically proven
• Optimal For collagen remodeling
• Safe, easy & effective
• Immediate results
• Hygienic, single use probe

In this age and era, women need not be shy in either talking about their needs and desires or intimate health which may affect their sexual satisfaction and every day life. They need not suffer for long before getting the problem solved surgically. They can in utmost privacy talk to their doctor and get the Femilift procedure done in minutes.

The procedure is completed in three sittings and certain precautions after the procedure need to be adhered to for the specific duration that the doctor might advise. Read for more information on Femilift here.

So here is to more freedom of choice and a better feminine life…more power to women.


  • The introductory talk was conducted by Shree Hospital to promote Alma Femilift.
  • The author is not a doctor and is not trained to offer expert advice on medical procedures or health issues
  • The author has not taken the treatment and can not advice on side effects if any. 
  • It is the reader’s responsibility to check with their Gynecologist about the pros and cons or necessity of the procedure. 
  • This post was created to create awareness about possible facilities for wellness of women.