Vikramaditya Veergatha Book III: Vengeance Of Indra

Book: Vengeance Of Indra
Author: Shatrujeet Nath
Genre: Mythological Fiction
Publication: Jaico Books

The third in series Vikramaditya Veergatha is Vengeance of Indra by Shatrujeet Nath.

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With Vikramditya’s challenges becoming more and more difficult in every story, one wonders whether the human king will emerge unscathed and victorious? The third book has more devastation in store both to Vikramaditya’s personal relationships and to his city and empire.

The devas and asuras join hands to maximize destruction on valiant king and his councilmen. But besides the physical devastation that the combined forces unleash, it is the emotional hurt that they seek in the third book. The new allies who otherwise do not see eye to eye hope to wreck the king’s support system by driving a wedge in relationships, to break the king’s heart, to turn his most trusted friends into enemy. From spells to lies to sowing doubts, the enemy leaves no trick to obtain Halahal. Defeated again and again Indra seeks vengeance and comes up with a devious plan by planting a enemy within the palace.

The king however still aims to stay true to his promise of protecting Halahal even at the cost of his loved ones and leaves no stone unturned to seek out new alliances in fighting the wars of land and ‘dharma’.

The great thing about this story is that though the first three books seem to bring only more problems for the king but nowhere is it repeated. It doesn’t get dull. New challenges, new enemies and new conspiracies keep the reader turning the pages.

Honestly I am waiting for the concluding Book IV in hope to see the king emerge victorious and all evil defeated.

So go on and read the VIKRAMADITYA VEERGATHA.

Vikramaditya Veergatha Book II: The Conspiracy At Meru

Book: The Conspiracy At Meru
Author: Shatrujeet Nath
Genre: Mythological Fiction
Publisher: Jaico Books
Conspiracy At Meru

Conspiracy At Meru

If you have read first book of the series Vikramaditya Veergatha, The Guardians Of Halahala  you will want to know more about what happened next.

Honestly I couldn’t wait to start the second book instead of posting the review of previous book first.

This actually sums up what I think of the story but I will be little more elaborate on this.

Thwarted by Vikramaditya and his nine councilmen, Devlok and Indra are thirsting for revenge and plotting more ways to lay hands on Halahala.  While Vikramaditya is busy defending his and his allies borders from Sakas and Hun invaders, the Asuras and their teacher scheme to cast a spell for destruction of the council and the human king .

Another character, Indra’s son comes in play. The young deva seeks appreciation from his father and independently unleashes havoc on Ujjaini which is already fighting for survival on all fronts.

With chaos reining on his beloved city and his council divided, Vikramaditya is neck deep in trouble. The only thing that keeps him go on is the knowledge that Halahal is safe from troublemakers.

The second book in series continues to engage. I kept turning pages in anticipation . The pace of narrative does not slacken throughout the story. At times I wanted to jump right in the story and help the king fight all the evil.

This mytho-fiction is a gripping tale that keeps you returning for more.