Book Review: The Calling

Book: The Calling

Author: Priya Kumar

Genre: Inspiration and Personal Growth

Publisher: Books That Inspire

the-callingThis is a very different book, a first of its kind, that I received for review along with a beautiful mug printed with the book cover and a hand written note by the author Priya Kumar.

The book dwells on finding the true purpose of one’s life through a fictional story of Arjun who seems to be mired in various difficult situations in his everyday life. His married life is in shambles and on verge of break-up, his work doesn’t excite or satisfy him….He is thoroughly confused why his life is all topsy-turvy.

With all his turmoil and pent-up frustration, he travels to hills for his official work but meets with an accident. In his stupor post the accident, he feels the presence of an ascetic who gives him profound life lessons.

Arjun in his semi-conscious  state lives his life mending his ways. Healed physically and spiritually, he realizes that the ascetic in his dreamy semi-conscious state was none other than his conscience, his logical self which had been silenced by his own over-ambitious success hungry self.

Priya Kumar, winner of International awards is a motivational speaker who has successfully penned seven other inspirational books, cleverly introduces the truth that all the answers of our life purpose lie within ourselves. It is just the matter of identifying and listening to our inner voice to make life less complicated.

Author has explained beautifully how an individual is responsible for his/her progress.

To sit in your space and your world and do nothing in it is a disgrace to the intelligence that you are bestowed with……. Knowing who you are, being aware of the mess in your life and in wanting to make  change, makes you powerful.”

Your life and your destiny was your creation. If you stay true to who you are and act in that accordance, your life will be prayer answered”

There is a relevant lesson for everyone in this book….each his own. I read this book at a time when certain things seemed to be written for me . Though I was not attracted to the story of Arjun but the underlying messages did affect me and reasoned well with me.

I would suggest an unhurried reading of this story….treat it not like a story of some Arjun or somebody but as a message hidden in words.

But young readers may not yet get attracted to this book. Read for understanding a logic which may be hidden somewhere within you and just needs to be told by someone else.

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