Sunshine Award

This post has been long overdue…should have posted this last year! But better late than never. This year I have been nominated for this award by Thanks a million ewdupler for this generosity.

The rules for the Sunshine Award are as follows:

    1. Post the Sunshine Award logo.
    2. Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator.
    3. Answer the questions.
    4. Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination.

The Questions and Answers:

  • My favorite colors: Black, white, blue
  • My favorite animal:Dog
  • My favorite numbers:5, 8,19 (birth dates of my husband daughter and me)
  • My favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Apple juice
  • My favorite alcoholic beverage: Vodka with apple juice
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  • My passions: Writing, painting, cooking and not to forget sleeping!
  • Giving or receiving gifts: both!!
  • Favorite city: Not seen enough world yet to decide this..
  • Favorite TV shows: Missing, White Collar

The Nominees: