Easy #DIY Projects By Arty Smarty

Hobbies of all kinds are the best way to utilize free hours of the day and usually are cathartic. My hobbies are Art and Craft besides few others that make me forget time and help in keeping depressed mood away.

I keep posting my one odd painting and craft projects on and off on my social media and it gives me immense pleasure when people praise my work.

And so Arty Smarty of Bangalore decided to send me a few of their DIY Craft projects. Arty Smarty creates easy to do-it-yourself craft kits for children as well as grown ups. The projects are smart and look good. I crafted a ‘wall clock’, a small ‘table lamp’ and an Eiffel Tower.

Diy craft kits
DIY Craft Kits

Wall Clock

Wall clock kit contains a square base with an option to chose the art one would want on its face, a set of clock arms, a clock mechanism for cell and arms and a hanging hook.

Wall clock DIY project
Wall clock

I chose to have a compass on the clock surface as it symbolizes my love for outside, for travel.

Did a quick makeover of the white base with mountains, sea, desert and forests to depict all cardinal directions that we can explore and I have traveled to.

The wall surface is perfect for acrylics and oil paints. I have however used oil pastels as I wanted a rustic finish. With other designs available on website solid colors could also be easily applied.

Diy wall clock painted
A quick makeover of wall-clock with scenes depicting four cardinal directions

Table Lamp

A bedside table lamp kit comes with a base unit and adapter for electrical connection and a perspex sheet printed with a design of one’s choice. The sheet goes into a slot on base unit.

Just paint away with colors you love and and voila! your own hand-painted bedside table lamp is ready for use.

diy lamp kit
Table lamp with base unit and a design imprint of my choosing

I chose a simple mandala design and added a some dash of color. I purposely did not color the entire design to let the original design show. I have used washable glass paints so I could change the color whenever I want to.

The lamp DIY kit is for ages seven years and above. There are numerous images to choose, from cartoons to mandala designs. The children would find cute little cartoons quite attractive to paint and have their own art work light up as a lamp in their rooms.

Painted with glass paints table lamp diy kit
Added a little colour

It is quite easy and child friendly project.

Eiffel Tower

Small individual elements can be glued together to make this iconic structure of Eiffel Tower. It becomes a good show piece for decor at your home.

The DIY projects by Arty Smarty come with a link to the instructions on their website and are fun way of utilizing the time.

I quite enjoyed assembling and coloring the DIY projects.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post. Please use your discretion with the website and products of ArtySmarty. I was not paid for this post, however I received the project kits from the brand as part of product review.

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A world of colleges at CollegeDuniya

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One of my college friends has taken up teaching as guest faculty in Architecture College in Mumbai…Honestly I felt jealous.

After much brooding I realised now that my child has grown up and does not need me 24 x 7, I should be catching up with the changed times. I graduated as a Bachelor of Architecture, and after working for few years gave up my job to be with my husband who has a transferable job and to raise our kid. I have long been out of touch with the functioning of an Architect’s office and am not sure whether I would be able to take up the same job again.

But that does not have to mean that all is lost for me… I could always do a master’s degree and apply as lecturer in an architecture college, like my friend. With this renewed hope, I sat surfing the internet to find out colleges which will offer my choice of course for post graduation. It was no easy task and I was getting frustrated when I stumbled upon a listing portal collegedunia which, with information of more than 10000 colleges in India, is one extensive and thorough site for one and all seeking information about colleges, graduate and post-graduate courses and entrance exam dates.

I found all those colleges which were offering Master’s degree in Architectural Conservation with the detailed information of course and the fee structure of individual college. Since I found the portal very useful, I recommended it to my niece who will be appearing for her board exams in March 2016.

I wanted my niece to come to Pune and stay with us for her college. But my sister, is not very eager to let her precious daughter stay away from her. She is hoping that her daughter gets a course of her choice within universities in Kolkata.

Well, to each her own…. And I am sure she will find what she is looking for in Kolkata, which is an amazing city with its musical, literature and historical heritage and why not when portal like collegeduniya.com is there to help!

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