Before and After : Living Room

Waiting for the house with attached garage, I had decided to not decorate the currently allotted house. But it so happens always, that every time we get posted to a new place and move in the new house, my imagination takes wings and I itch to decorate it. I instantly know what needs to be around and what I can do without. Though my dear husband is always sceptical of my instant decisions but he admits that by the time I am through with my decorating brain wave, our house is worth a second glance. I guess this knack of decorating the insides of any house runs in my family. The houses of my parents’ and my sister are subtly graceful and done up very well…. a fact that is a matter of pride for me.

So as always, I could not stop myself more than one month from doing up this house while still waiting for a better house.  I regret not taking photographs of other houses that we occupied earlier in different cities, hence this time I made the effort to capture both before and after decorating my living room.


Now , after all the efforts I might as well stay put in the same house!!