Book Review: Unns, The Captivation

Book: Unns

Author: Sapan Saxena

Genre: Fiction

Publication: Inspire India Publishers

I was already neck-deep in doing book reviews when “Unns” landed at my door step.

As I read through first few pages I had my doubts. The story begins with two teenage school kids realizing the first attraction and tickles of young adolescent love.

I went along to read the story thinking it yet another love story that I had to read just because I promised for reviewing it.

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim, the two teenagers promise each other allegiance and love forever. The kids find excuses to prolong their school hours for exchanging sweet nothings. As the school life approaches the end, Meher Qasim ends the fledgling of a relationship that could have been. Heartbroken, Atharva Rathod is stuck in his first love while Meher Qasim moves on.

The story then jumps a few years and it is then that it takes on a different flavor all together.

Atharva Rathod works with intelligence services and is involved in some secret mission. His heart still preserves his tender first love for Meher Qasim who unawares of his love is living her life somewhere in Germany. On one of his missions, Atharva Rathod travels to Germany. A chance meeting with Meher Qasim rekindles his hopes and love for Meher. With immense faith in his love, he opens up to Meher once again only to realize soon that he has been a fool in expecting anything. Circumstances lead to a jeopardized mission and imprisonment subsequently.

Destiny brings Meher and Atharva face to face again many years later after he is relieved from prison. Despite a bitter past, Atharva yet again is willing to give Meher a chance.

The story is full of twists and keeps the reader guessing. It is engaging definitely and at a certain point I wanted to shake Atharva and tell him not to trust or waste his time on a heartless ruthless woman. However another twist brings a change in heart of Meher.

The story describes the seven stages of love Hub or attraction; Unns or infatuation; Ishq or love; Aqeedat or reverence; Ibadat or worship; Junoon or obsession and Maut or when love is ready to embrace death for the lover. While Atharva seems to have reached all the stages of love, Meher holds back always. However as she realizes the unconditional love of Atharva, she too achieves the last stage of love in a selfless act and absolves herself of all sins.

Secret missions and romance go hand in hand in the plot of the novel and blend well. After the first few pages, the story suddenly changes the tone and wants you to turn page after page. Written in a very simple language, it reads well.

I liked the story much to my surprise. Read it and enjoy this tale of love and secrets. It definitely is worth a read.

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