Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I was busy watering my precious plants, answering my daughter’s numerous whys and why-nots when we saw this beautiful leaf green caterpillar happily eating away all the leaves. And sure enough the new set of questions started bubbling in her mind. She had recently read about the life cycle of butterfly in her science class and her questions came flooding–

“Mom, is this a caterpillar?”


“Will it eat away all the leaves?”

“Well, I won’t let it do that to my plants…”

“Will it turn into a butterfly?”

“I think so..”

“Which color, Mommy?”

Now, I did not know the answer to her question  and  that was what made me wonder too….  wonder what the caterpillar changed to, what size or shape and color!!

Nature is full of many more of such things. There is this plant which blooms only at night and it sure is worth staying awake to see the bud waking up to smile when the human kind prepares to sleep…We drove all the way at 10 pm to my sister-in-law’s place to witness its blooming!

The botanical name of this plant is “Saussurea Obvallata”(I do not know the English name). In India it is known as “Brahm Kamal” and  is the state flower of the state of Uttarakhand and Uttarpradesh. I do wonder, why the flower blooms at night and not like other flowers in daylight?

I wonder about a lot of things… My daughter wonders about the aliens! Unfortunately there is no photograph I could use for aliens!!

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