What makes me happy?

"What makes you happy? 
A large decorated house?" He asked
I can live in a small room
I will decorate it with
Hope aspirations and positivity.
For how good is a big house 
full of despair and negativity?
What about your laptop? He said.
That is for work... 
To self sustain, to not expect someone's mercy
What about your mobile? he said
That is for killing time...
I can talk with you the whole day, 
if only you sit by my side, 
and indulge my flights of fantasy...
Where will you sleep?
In your arms in a tight embrace..
That is all the luxury I need..
You for resting my head and your breath to warm me up.
What about the weekly restaurant visits? Can you do without those?
That is for escaping, I said
A simple meal with you is enough to fill me up.. 
You can live without any luxury? He asked.
Who doesn't like luxury? I said 'But try me...'
Try me.. I said
You will give up in two days, he smirked.
Try me.. I said.
I am tough and resilient... Try me, I said.
What if we are left with nothing...he wondered.
We will build more... I said. 
Just try me..
So you will be happy with nothing?
Not nothing...
If you smile and laugh with me, 
Hug me and caress me,
Rest on my shoulder and let me rest on yours..
Celebrate with me the small pleasures
Be free, be hopeful, 
And believe...
Try me... I will be happy.

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