Book Review:Wrath Of the Hell Fires

Book: The Wrath Of the Hell Fires 
Author: Shatrujeet Nath
Genre: Mytho-Fiction
Publication: Jaico Books

Vikramaditya Veergatha series by author Shatrujeet Nath is the story of Avanti, the star-crossed kingdom of Vikramaditya which is the target of continuous assaults by Devas and Asuras searching for two swords, the Hellfires and a dagger that seals within its hilt, the potent ‘halahal’.

The kingdom is also under threat of attacks by its neighbor Magadha and Hun barbarians. However, the king and his nine councilmen with special powers defend their city day and night. Their combined powers have proven to be a formidable force time and again.

Many a readers might be aware of the ‘Vikram aur Betal’, the never ending mythological tale of the just king Vikramaditya and a spirit. The story has been re-imagined and retold by author Shatrujeet Nath in his four book long Vikramditya Veergatha Series.

While the first three in the series were available for the readers in quick succession, the fourth and the grand finale of the series took quite some time. The pandemic delayed its release further.

But, Wrath Of Hellfires, Book 4, from the series was released for its reader fans recently. Most who have read the first three books from Vikramaditya Veergatha were patiently waiting for the conclusion of the story in book 4.

While the wait has been long, the story in the last book does not disappoint at all. A fast paced narrative, it meanders through many a wars fought on different fronts by the king and his enemies. As one dives deeper into the story, it conjures up a vivid imagery for the readers and they are transported to described setting.

The first three books of the story have set up the stage for the final clash between the devious Asuras, devas and the enemies within the palace and around the borders. In the earlier three books, the conniving enemies had succeeded in dividing and reducing the effective force of the councilmen and king. The book 4 has all the answers for the intriguing story. What happens to the hell fire swords? What happens to the betal and his world of spirits? Does the ‘halahal’ dagger go to devas or asuras? What happens to the innocent wife of King Vikrama?

There is a gradual build up to the various forces coming together for retaliation and defense but no where does the story slack in its pace. There is no hurried or forced end to the story but yet the story doesn’t seem to linger on unnecessarily. The small twists added within the story will excite the reader as they root for the human king.

If one is fan of mytho-fiction and thrillers, this book and the whole Vikramaditya series pack a great punch.

I usually get bored of stories that are too long and give up reading. But this was one story where I wanted to know how the journey of King Vikramaditya shapes up in keeping his promise and protecting the potent halahal. This was a story which made me curious and turn page after page with bated breath as to what new challenges does the king face in his struggle to keep his kingdom safe.

I would suggest fans of thrillers to read all four books of the series in sequence.

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