Book Review: Winning Like Virat; Think And Succeed Like Kohli

Book: Winning Like Virat; Think & Succeed Like Kohli

Author: Abhirup Bhattacharya

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Rupa Publication

I am the odd one out in a nation crazy about cricket…Well, I know the great names of cricketers; national and international, few terms related to the sport and a general idea of how the game is played… Last match that I sat and watched being aired might be the one when Sachin Tendulkar was gifted a car!!

I know…I know…you might wonder then how I am reviewing a book based on a cricketer’s life story… In fact I thought so too and was about to turn down the offer to review this book.

But I like to know that India won a certain match or Indian players beat the hell out of other teams or Indians have become a team to reckon…I love the feeling of hearing about Indian achievements be it in sports, cultural or historical and even films. So here I am reading a book based on Virat Kohli…another dependable player and the current captain of Indian Cricket Team.

The book however is not about the sport or cricketing skills of Virat Kohli. The book by Abhiroop Bhattacharya looks at the sportsman’s attitude, morals and ethics in day-to-day life, on the field and in the confines of the dressing room.

Taking Virat Kohli’s interaction with his coach, friends and mentors, his loyalty and steadfastness, his ability to observe, absorb and revamp himself into a better sportsman, his leadership qualities as examples, the author has pointed out facets of this player that can be emulated by rest of us to become better and succeed in life.

Virat’s commitment and desire to excel is something which has been lauded by the cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar himself. The book has  more words of praise by most of the legends of cricketing world for Virat’s maturity, man-management skills, hard work, ability to handle pressure and his confidence in taking up a challenge.

The book has brought to light, the fact, that success comes to those who strive to achieve it and luck alone doesn’t play a part.

A nice read, the book provokes the reader to think about changing for better and making a success out of their lives with little ‘learning tips’ throughout the book. Well written the book is worth a read.

Read for your own sake. May be you will come a little closer to understanding this dynamic sportsman and take a leaf out of his success story.

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