Book Review: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right

Book: Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right

Author: Varsha Dixit

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Rupa Publications

varsha-book_1Opening with a morbid thought of death, the first few lines of story did nothing to encourage me to read the rest of the book. However the red cover of the book with little hearts, wine bottles, cupcakes and a young couple suggested that the story might be anything but morbid!

The blurb and the title did indicate that the story was about how opposites attract but I still did not like the ring of the title…

But read I did and after a slow start, I was hooked. The characters it seems were introduced in previous two bestsellers by the author Varsha Dixit. Since I have not read her earlier two books, it may be the reason I did not take to the characters and dive into the story immediately.

Gayatri, a rich well brought up girl has a domineering father who considers it his right to decide anything and everything for Gayatri. Caught between her wish to break free on her own and her father’s dos and dont’s, she often blunders in her decisions. Viraj, a young genius scientist works for Gayatri’s childhood friend who is more like a doting brother to her. Viraj, having grown up with an abusive father despises violence against women and any kind of weakness displayed by anyone.

From the moment Gayatri and Viraj set eyes on each other, an electric chemistry sizzles between them despite their much dislike for each other. Certain turn of events forces Viraj to agree for Gayatri’s employment in his laboratory and the two temperamentally opposite people hence onwards often come face to face. In their own ways, each helps the other overcome the personal demons. The attraction is magnetic and intense which evolves gradually into a torrid love story. Eventually all is well that ends well.

However I am not convinced by Gayatri’s characterisation. On one hand she is shown adept at Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defence technique and on other hand she doesn’t think twice before conspiring first against her ex-fiancé and then trying to hook up a lab technician with the scientist. With a domineering father who dictated all her moves, how come she even managed to learn the defence technique in the first place?

Usually when someone involves themselves in martial art disciplines, their mental strength is equally enhanced along with physical defence abilities. What I mean to say is, such defence techniques need a balanced approach to enable a person to excel in them. Whereas Gayatri is nothing like that…she is just a simply rich girl who loves all good things and is weak as far as taking decisions is concerned.

Krav Maga has caught everyone’s fancy and many stories by every alternate author that I have recently read have at least one character who is ace in this defence technique. Gayatri and her knowledge of Krav maga seems just that…a fad!

Viraj also could have been anybody, his being scientist has hardly anything to do with the story.

But then this is my outlook and yet I loved reading it. After all everyone loves to read about a girl who can fight eve teasers yet is  delicate, beautiful, mushy and romantic. And Gayatri is all that and Viraj is her knight who tries to fool people around him by putting on a devil-may-care attitude but in reality he is that handsome hunk who is slightly  possessive in love and yet very caring.

All in all the book is perfect for curling up with a cup of coffee in a cozy spot to fantasize about a delicious love. This story is the ‘Mills and Boon’ in Indian setting.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right

  1. I’ve been reading plenty of love stories of late. I quite like the idea of a love story in an Indian setting. However I would like credible characterisation. This is the first time I’ve heard of Krav Maga. The book sounds interesting enough.


    • The book is good read and characters fit in Indian setting quite easily. I have read at least three novels in last six months or so where there is mention of Krav maga. I came to know about it from novels only but on further research found out that now many martial arts classes are claiming to teach Krav maga too.


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