Book Review: When Our Worlds Collide

Book: When Our Worlds Collide

Genre: Fiction


I usually like to curl up on my cushioned settee in the bay window with coffee mug and a paperback book. This time however I read the Kindle version sent by WritersMelon.

I have not read any book by author so really was not aware of her style of writing. The story that Aniesha has penned is about few young adults with their lives intertwined with each other… It is a story of these twenty-somethings who have recently woken up to the challenges of adult life in a real world, be it facing their attractions or complexities of their parents’ lives, friendships, work challenges, finding their place in the world, prioritising their choices and relationship dilemmas.

The style of writing of the author makes for an easy and straight forward reading . There are no moral lectures, no complaints for the social system and no right and wrong. it is a simple story … a happily ever after but not in the conventional sense of boy meets girl, overcomes difficulties, gets married and lives happily after. This story explores changing definitions of relationships, of friendships and love. The protagonist Akriti changes her aloof behaviour towards her parents, mends her relationship with her estranged father, excuses him for betraying her mother and leaving her in a tender age, embraces his new family, understands the turmoil of her mother and empathises with her, turning into her mother’s friend and partner. She finally finds her happiness, after going through a phase of deciding what her true calling is, in managing the little cafe’ instead of a career in writing and proceeds to join a business management course. She emerges out of her crushes with a better understanding of friendship, love and attraction.

The good thing about this story is that though dealing with young love, there is no cheesy interpretation of love, no unnecessary paragraphs describing physical intimacy. Some young adults may find part of themselves reflected in the story.

Though a well written story, it is not my type of book and I would not have gone out to buy the book on my own. I prefer a more elaborate story with gripping words and some interesting situations.

This book is good for young adults who want to use few spare hours and are interested in light reading. I finished the book in a day itself but kept on delaying writing the review because I wanted to do justice to the efforts of the writer. Story telling is an art and putting your story out there in the world takes courage. I wish the author luck for her future endeavours.


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