Yikes!! You are Forty!

Ialarm clock still don’t believe I am forty! Well so what?

I still don’t hear the alarm bells going off even though  some friends keep reminding me….

Well, you are forty now! The clock’s ticking”

I don’t feel any change in me….my ambitions are same in fact even stronger now! My likes are same…more defined may be…..my energy is same ….more channelized now. My dislikes are same….I speak up now!

I am comfortable of my shape and size more than I ever was….. so what if little love handles have appeared where my lissome waist once was! My hair is still black with some greys at temples, my skin still doesn’t show any signs of wrinkles (thank God!)….I have always worn spectacles and eyesight is as good or bad as it was earlier!

Am I wiser, quieter, more responsible….I don’t know!!

What I know is that I pray for satisfaction in whatever I do…. for lifelong togetherness with my spouse…. for being always there when my kid needs me…. for dreaming big….. for more courage….

Its downhill journey now from here. How does it matter if your sari is in disarray? How does it matter whether your eyebrows are made or your lipstick is not the right shade? How does it matter if we don’t look attractive?” they say…

Why? I choose not to be bogged down by such thoughts….

Why shouldn’t I dress up if it makes my partner give me a second look? Why shouldn’t I entice my partner with a little bold color on my lips?

Why should I think about the lurking monsters of age and make my today depressing? Why should I age before it is time? Why shouldn’t I make the most of it while time is still on my side?

I rejoice I am at an age where I can give a piece of my mind to the twenty somethings….I can advise on kitchen skills….. I no longer need to explain why I was late…. I have the whole house running on my instructions…. I get to decide what stays in and what goes out of house…

Ha! I even get to say “I told you so!” more often….

So “Yay! I am forty…..lets get naughty!!

This is for A to Z Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Yikes!! You are Forty!

  1. your blog made me smile – you are positive and inspiring! i’m over forty and feel even more the sags and bags and unwanted aches and pains as they creep in each day! but we do what we can with the time and resources we have and be happy for the blessings that come.

    and i’ve never been on a train, i’ve always wanted to and you made me want to even more! i definitely plan to some day and enjoy the ride!
    way to make it through the challenge!


    • Hey Tara…
      Thank you for liking my post. I am glad it made you smile. Yes we have to happy because the moment we let all pains and worries get to our head…we age much faster. So be happy and take care. And,yes sure take the train journey….I loved the service. Hope you do too. Take care.


  2. remembered Cleopatra when I read this….Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/ Her infinite variety: other women cloy
    The appetites they feed: but she makes hungry/ Where most she satisfies


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