Falls at Niagara, Finger Lakes and Fall colors

One of the places we planned to visit was Niagara Falls on our vacation to USA. Niagara Niagara FallsFalls, forming the southern end of Niagara Gorge, is a group of three water falls, Horseshoe Fall, American Fall and the Bridal Veil Fall, on the international borders of Canada and USA. These falls were formed when glaciers at Wisconsin glaciation receded. These falls are not very high but are definitely very wide.

While driving from Newark to Niagara we were caught in a heavy downpour, our phone was completely discharged and as a result our GPS stopped. We turned at a wrong road which brought us in a residential area. We had nobody to turn for help and we were totally stranded. After wasting about an hour fretting, we took a risk of driving further down the road… and voilà! we were right there staring at the road sign pointing the direction of our hotel. It was such a relief ….all our worries subsided as we put our luggage in the hotel room.

It was already late for us to board the boat ride at the falls and since it was still raining in Niagara by nightthe evening we spent the few hours watching the lit up falls when the Canadians focussed colorful lights on the falls. We took the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat ride the next morning, got wet from the mist at falls, felt chilled to the bones and enjoyed each and every minute.

We drove back to Newark the next day along the ‘Finger Lakes’ so called because of the long and narrow shape resembling the fingers. The skies were clear in the morning and it was a pleasant ride with huge and beautiful vacation homes all along the road, the gleaming boats bobbing in the lakes and cool breeze accompanying us….

beautiful vacation homes


We hoped to see the fall colors during our vacation, but it seemed the fall had not kicked in completely. The foliage was still green though some trees showed up in reds and yellows…

Fall colors

This post is also written for A to Z challenge.

6 thoughts on “Falls at Niagara, Finger Lakes and Fall colors

  1. We visited the falls in 2011. Definitely the best view on the Canadian side although Niagara town itself does resemble a mini Las Vegas or so it seemed to us. The Maid of the Mist is definitely the best way to see the falls.


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